Monday, March 24, 2008

Studio Calico kit layouts

I really look forward to getting my Studio Calico kit and I always manage to use most of it in the month and get plenty of layouts done. It was a little later this month due to hold ups with the postal service but finally arrived on Thursday. I managed to get 4 layouts done on friday evening and another last night. Here are a few (a couple are not quite complete but thought I'd post anyway):

I'm really pleased with how this came out and love the colours - Ethan had spent the day with my Mum and sister and they took him on the Nottingham Eye. I put the different colour card behind the cut out flowers, love that paper.

I have had to put the flowers over the other children's faces in this layout. Love this layout, it is very simple and was quick to put together.

I'm going to add some buttons to the bottom right corner, just need to find them! This is all about when Flynn got his first 2 teeth in the same week. The paper worked great and although it was creased it was on the day that i didn't need to use :)

I need to add the journaling to this one - the story behind the bandaged foot! So it will be a very simple layout but I wanted the focus to be on the story rather than any embellishments etc.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Growing up!

Well it's been a while since I last posted so thought I'd better find the time to update. It's been a very busy few weeks with lots of things going on.

Ethan has been busy with Ju-Jitsu and has had some extra lessons over the past few weeks in preperation for his yellow belt grading he had yesterday. He took his red belt back in December and passed (you can pass, pass with credit or pass with honours) which was such a great boost for him. So Ethan was really excited about his grading and had been practising hard, when we arrived it wasn't as busy as last time which was nice. They were in there for about 1 hour 45 minutes and take it in turns to go up and get graded, practising before and after the grading. When they'd finished the parents were allowed in and Ethan was presented with his certificate for passing his yellow belt with CREDIT. We were all so excited and went and got his new yellow belt straight away.

Ethan just before leaving for his grading.

Ethan has also been busy at school as last week was his last week, he is now on Easter holidays. Theyhad a sports week last week at school and went in their sports clothes. They got to try loads of different sports, including, football, cricket, horse riding, cheerleading - the list goes on. He had lots of fun and it finished with an evening at school on Thursday that parents could attend too and find out about various sports clubs etc in the area.
On Friday it was back to school in uniform and the Easter Bonnet Parade in the afternoon. Ethan was very excited that I was bringing Flynn to watch him - that's how it is now, Flynn is the most important person to him LOL. It was great and Ethan looked great in his Easter Bonnet and sung really well.

Now to Flynn, well he has been a busy little boy recently! He is now rolling and there is no stopping him now he knows what to do. He mostly rolls back to front but is doind front to back more and more. He's been so close to rolling for a long time but always had his hands in his mouth which prevented him from getting all the way over! He also got his 3rd tooth and that realy bothered him when it came through on Friday. He seems fine with it now but his hands are staying firmly in his mouth!

This was taken a couple of weeks ago!

He is also making a lot more noise and is also babbling, laughing and squeals in excitement. He loves being on the floor surrounded by his toys, musical of course! He's also enjoying his sit play gym more and more especially now he can stand in it and stop himself from slumping forward.

I took this photo last night, we were just playing with the camera - I think they look so alike in this photo