Friday, March 31, 2006

Sad news

I have just found out a friend's son has passed away today. He has been ill and in intensive care for a while now. It's just so sad and very hard to find the words and makes you realise how lucky you are. I'm going to send a card to her and her husband but what do you put?

The rest of the day has just been the usual. Ethan has been at nursery this morning and I had a few hours to relax, very much needed with this cold hanging around. Took some parcels to the post office at lunch time, one for a Prima Flower swap, another for my Auntie in America (chocolates, book and rabbit photo frames for my cousins) and Ethan also posted a picture he had drawn to his Auntie Michelle. Then went to friends where Ethan played with his friend Finlay, they were very loud today.

Managed to do yesterdays entry for my 21 day journal today, I was hoping to use some stash I was expecting but it hasn't arrived yet. Hopefully it will come tomorrow and I can get today's and tomorrows entries done.

Going to go and watch American Idol now, it started about 15 minutes ago but have taped it on Sky plus so will go and start it and will be able to fast forward the adverts - I hate watching adverts now I have Sky plus. Will also try and get some more done on my America journal, I did quite well with it last night and really pleased with how it's coming on.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Feeling worse

My cold seems to be getting worse rather than better, felt so drained this morning. I had arranged to meet my friend Jane for a coffee at Starbuck's this morning and decided to still go hoping getting out of the house would help make me feel better. It was great to catch up on our own and have a chat - no children in sight. The morning flew by and just got home with five minutes to spare before walking to pick Ethan up from nursery.

I needed (wanted) a few bits from the shops and had to go and feed a friends cats so thought I'd get it all done in one outing and then I could come home and relax with Ethan. Got some stationary bits from Staples and a Jiffy bag to send some things over to my Auntie in America. Also got a couple of Sakura glaze pens for the 21 day journal and also for a book/journal I'm starting of the run up to our holiday in America at the end of the year. I'm really looking forward to doing it and going to include all the booking things, seating plans on the plane, to do lists, places to visit etc, I will add some photos soon. I also ordered some of my fave pens, Sakura lightening Gelly roll pens, I love these pens and have only ever been able to get them sent from America but found some from eBay and they should arrive tomorrow - I hope so cause the green and blue have ran out.

So not a very exciting day today, off to do some more in my America journal and have a look at today's quote for the 21 day journal - think I may do it tomorrow though.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Haven't stopped....

I feel as though I haven't stopped all day. Took Ethan to nursery this morning as usual and planned to come home and not do very much as I'm still feeling a little ill. Instead though I cleared the rubbish, hoovered and dusted my car - for the first time ever as John usually does this for me when he gets fed up of the mess LOL Then as I already had the hoover out thought I might as well hoover the house - well downstairs and then sorted the kitchen and dishwasher out.

After picking Ethan up from nursery we went to a local play area, Cyril's Nut Hut and picked Ethan's friend Liam and his Mum up on the way. They have both been so excited about going since we told them yesterday and Ethan has been saying "we're going to Cyril's Hut Nut with Liam aren't we" - I have spelt it right :) They had a great time running around there together and we had lunch too (photo is of Ethan having his lunch at Cyril's Nut Hut).

Unfortunately one thing did spoil the afternoon - there was a lady and her son sitting in front of us and at one point she seemed to be telling Liam off (I really have a thing about other people telling your child off - it is not on), his Mum went straight over but couldn't really figure out what had gone on. Over the next hour or so it became clear that the little boy kept coming over to his Mum and saying that boy/girl just hit me and she got up a number of times and seemed to "have a word" with a few people!!! Anyway apart from that it was a lovely afternoon and a nice change being able to sit and chat whilst the children play.

Back at home Ethan was very tired and has not been the easiest child this afternoon - he is tucked up in bed now though.

I have started the 21dayjournal today that Rhonna Farrer has started on her blog. Have done the first 3 days today as I started a little late and have enjoyed it. Although I am struggling with the whole doodling, art thing, I am going to stick with it though and hopefully by the end of it I'll have found my style!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It's booked

It's booked and we're all so excited but now have to wait 9 months We fly out on the 16th December and arrive back on 3rd January. We will stay with my family over there in Virginia for most of the time but will visit New York, Washington DC and other places. I spoke to my Auntie earlier and we're already making plans about what I can bring over, especially English food, chocolate, selection boxes, Christmas pudding etc. Some friends might be out in America for Christmas too in New York which would be great. Once we know if and when they are going we will book our hotel in New York and hopefully we will be able to meet up with them.

We are flying with British Airways and their site is great, you can go into manage your booking and book seats, meals and sort allsorts of stuff out. I really must stay away for now though as it is 9 months before we go.

We have started to tell family we are going, so far everyone is really happy for us if not a bit surprised. They really are going to miss Ethan at Christmas time but we may never get this opportunity again and Etahn will just love spending Christmas with other children - his cousins. One thing I will miss at Christmas is my Grandma and Grandad's Boxing Day party, it's a real shame and I feel a little sad about it as all the family comes and is usually the only time each year we get together. I think we will have a party of our own in America and play the traditional Boxing Day game the American way!

I have been up and down all night with a cold, OI hate having a blocked nose and feeling like this, hopefully it won't get any worse and go soon.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Very Excited

Very excited tonight. We are booking our holiday to America tonight, just waiting for my Auntie to call back to double check dates. Although she has already said to go ahead and book but I like to check, and we'll be booking. We are going over Christmas and have been searching out flights for the past week. We had pretty much decided to fly by US Airways to Philadelphia and drive down to my Auntie's as we managed to get the flights about £500 cheaper by doing that. Today though I went back onto British Airways and have found flights cheaper again and to Washington DC so closer to my Auntie. So will update later when they are booked.

Ethan seemed to have a miraculous recovery when he woke up this morning. I really thought I would have to take the morning off and probably visit the doctors. He went off to nursery and to the childminder's and has been fine all day, although he keeps saying he needs medicine (Calpal) to make him better!!!

Off work for the rest of the week using up the rest of my annual leave before the end of this month. Will be nice to have another nearly full week (I did the same last week) of taking and picking Ethan up from nursery and spending the afternoons with him. Will try and get another one of his friends round to play at some point too.

Will post with news about America soon.


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mother's Day

Had a lovely Mother's Day today. Ethan got me a teddy bear Mummy keyring, Mother's Day balloon and a plant in a Mummy pot (this is a photo of Ethan and my presents). He also made me a card at nursery and wrote everything in it, he's getting so good at his writing and really enjoying. John and Ethan were going to take me out for a meal too but as Ethan is still not well John cooked me a meal at home instead and it was lovely - chow mein.

Also did the usual food shopping at Tesco's but got a couple of suitcases ready for the holiday. They were a real bargain so thought we'd get them now. One is for our carry on luggage as the last one broke and the other is a medium size suitcase for bringing things back - scrapbooking goods :)

Just started another layout too, the photos are nearly two years and have been meaning to scrap them for ages. They are of Ethan at his friend Josh's 4th birthday party at Windmill farm in Southport. I have used the new Basic Grey Oh Boy papers and just need to sort the title out, add embellishments and add the journalling.

Time to get to bed, although I probably won't be at work in the morning with Ethan still being ill and a probable visit to the doctors. Hopefully my Mum will be able to have him in the afternoon for a few hours so I can go into work and do clinic - will have to see how he is and if my Mum is finished in her appointment.


Saturday, March 25, 2006

It's been a strange day today. Ethan is still not well and think it will be a trip to the doctors on Monday if there is no improvement. His cough sounds so bad and is on calpal to get his temperature down.

I went shopping this morning, nothing exciting just a bra, pair of jeans, and a present for a 40th wedding anniversary party we are going to tonight. I've had a headache all day so just hope it goes before tonight.

I also got a southeast American road map for our planned trip to Virginia at Christmas. We are playing around with flights and the possibility of flying into various airports then driving to Virginia, which helps bring the cost down. At the moment we are thinking that flying into Philadelphia might be a good option as we are wanting to have a few days in New York so could do that either end of the holiday as it's not too far.

Going to go and chill out and have something to eat.


Friday, March 24, 2006

Busy few days

Yesterday I helped at Ethan's nursery, it seemed to really drag and was a very long two and a half hours. They had a school nurse in to talk about nut allergys to the children as one of the children has a nut allergy. It was a very bad talk and was not child friendly at all, she seem to have have just got some infomation my a book or the internet, wrote it out and read from it - I could have done better!!! Just hoping Ethan isn't even more confused about it all than he already is.

After nursery we went over to my friends for lunch, we always meet on a Thursday at one and others houses. Ethan used to play with her little girl but she has started school now so is not usually around when we visit, except for school holidays and if we stay for tea. Ethan manages to occupy himself with all her toys and her older brothers toys plus he'll bring toys down that we can play with him.

It's been like a nursery at home today. Ethan went to nursery this morning as usual and I picked him and his friend up later. After eating lunch they had a great afternoon playing and another friend joined us later! Three four year old boys running riot round the house, you should see his bedroom.

I also finished a scrapbook page of Ethan when he was 18months old with two of his friends. I'm trying to catch up and layouts of when Ethan was younger to complete those scrapbooks. Ethan's scrapbook from his 4th birthday onwards is pretty much up to date apart from acouple that need doing, but I now have the photos developed to get on with those.

Going to relax tonight with a takaway pizza, and scrapbook whilst watching American Idol. That's if Ethan will let me as he hasn't been very well and I think he may have croup, that's what it sounded like yesterday anyway. It seems worse today as the days gone on but more of a chesty now, oh well lets hope he improves over the weekend.


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm back!

Well I think it's about time I got this blog up and running again.

It's been a busy day today and the postman has been good to me today. I've had my Catslife stamps delivered which are just fab and with a few extras thrown in :) and also had a very early birthday present form my Auntie in America. I'm being very good though and John is taking it and it will reappear on my birthday next month. Ethan also had a few things in the post today, a new game for his Vsmile and the Madagasgar DVD, which was a bargain at £5.89 from Amazon Jersey.

Ethan also had a friend to play this afternoon, they had lunch then both played on their Vsmiles whilst me and his Mum had a chat. They played so well together and had a great afternoon. It was then off to see a friend who had baby girl a few weeks ago, she was gorgeous with LOTS of hair. On the way back we stopped at Toys 'R' us for a case for Ethan's pocket Vsmile. He only got it at the weekend so want to avoid as many scratches etc as possible.

Me and John have also been talking about our planned trip to America at the end of the year. We had originally thought we would go the end of October over the school holidays or over Thanksgiving. After chatting tonight though we may go over Christmas, it would be such a great experience and lovely to see all the New York decorations. We'll have to see what happens and check that my Auntie will have us stay over Christmas time.

Off to get something to eat and then have play with my new stamps.