Sunday, October 28, 2007

Some photos

Finally I have been able to upload some photos. Blogger wouldn't upload yesterday and I've been doing these on and off all day in between feeding, changing etc.

Flynn about 2 hours old, back on the ward and dressed.

Ethan with Flynn, holding him for the first time.

The 4 of us, not all looking the right way and not a great photo of me but our first family photo!

Flynn asleep in hospital.

This photo of Flynn has the 4 little animal teddy bears Ethan got him.

A couple of cute photos of Flynn - I love how he's holding his hands in the first photo.

Flynn in his car seat ready to go home from hospital
Love these photos of Flynn, he just looks so peaceful.
Taken this morning, one of my favourite photos.

Friday, October 26, 2007

It's a Boy

Flynn Lucas was born on Wednesday 24th October 2007 at 10:24am weighing a lovely 8lb 3oz.

Will be back with photos and details soon.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tomorrow's the day!

Well tomorrow's the day that baby number 2 arrives. After 3 years of trying and 39 plus weeks of pregnancy the day is almost here. I'm really excited and can't wait to meet baby and find out if it's a boy or girl. I was feeling a little nervous about it all after my pre-op appointment last Friday where I signed everything and they went over all the risks of the operation! I'm sure once tomorrow morning arrives I will be feeling very nervous again but for now it's more excitement.

I've had a lovely few days with Ethan just chilling out, meeting friends and eating out. Yesterday we went to Wollaton park with one of Ethan's school friends and he took his electric scooter with him. He had such fun on it and it was great for going up all the hills, it even kept it's charge the whole time. Today we have been for lunch at TGI Fridays and had a fab meal as we always do there. Ethan ate so much food including starter, main course and dessert! He did complain of a tummy ache after but it didn't last long.

The backroom is still not finished but it will be by the time I'm out of hospital. My dad has very kindly been round today painting and is coming back tomorrow to finish off. Then on Friday the fireplace and granite (which is what has held things up as we couldn't get it cut in time) is being fitted along with the carpet.

Hopefully I'll be out of hospital on Friday and back on here with some photos :D

Sunday, October 14, 2007

House renovation!

Well things are progressing with the conservatory and backroom. The conservatory glass is ordered and we are hoping it will be fitted around the 10th/11th November. This should work out great as John will still be off from the babies birth plus it's a weekend I think. It saves me having to make all the tea, coffee etc.

Here is the conservatory brick work nearly done - will take a photo of it done and post soon.

The backroom is really coming on now and things are ready for the plasterer tomorrow. Yesterday John and his brother put in the new sliding doors which look great but took all day to sort as bricks needed to be removed and then some patching up. Today my Dad has come round to help too as the doors needed finishing, some boxing in doing and electrics sorting for the conservatory - this needs doing before the carpet goes down! I'm still trying to get hold of the carpet fitter as we need him to come next Monday so we can then put the furniture in on that Monday and Tuesday ready for the baby arriving on Wednesday.

Here are a few before and during photos of the back room, the top two show the door and window being replaced with sliding doors which will lead into the conservatory. The bottom two show the fireplace before and after it was widened and before and after with the built in cupboard.

We still need to go to Ikea to sort some of the furniture for the backroom. We had planned to go yesterday but as John didn't finish doing the doors till late we wouldn't have had enough time. Hopefully we can get there one night in the week so that everything is ready. Well almost everything - John is having a fully working cast iron stove in the backroom and we have the surround sorted but not the hearth and it sounds like it has to be in sections because of the heat. John is going to have to some how sort this out before next Monday as it needs to be in for when the carpet fitter comes!

Next weekend will be spent doing skirting, coving, painting, sanding and last minute fixings etc. This week I need to sort a curtain pole out along with curtains but we could use the old ones if I don't find any as they are fairly new and really nice ones, just not really the right colour.

I've got lots of shopping and appointments next week before Ethan breaks up for half term on Thursday. He has an inset day Friday so I get to spend an extra day with him although it will start with a trip to the hospital for my pre-op appointment. I want to make sure that all the shopping etc is done before Ethan breaks up so I can spend those last days with him and meeting with his friends, don't think he would appreciate going shopping for a nursing bra LOL

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Maternity leave

I am now on maternity leave and I'm not sure where the time is going. Its already been over 3 weeks and I have just been so busy with one thing or another. I have felt a lot more tired recently and after a telephone call from the doctor at the end of last week I now know why - I'm anaemic! I really hate taking iron tablets and they just don't agree with me but it has to be done.
I have been doing quite a lot of baking the last week and have been trying out various loaf cakes from Nigella Lawson's the Domestic Goddess. I love this book and how it is laid out and a lot of the recipes are really quite simple with out too many fancy ingredients. So far the lemon drizzle cake has been the most popular with the chocolate one coming a close second.

Ethan lost his first tooth a few days after his birthday and was so excited after it had been wobbly for ages. He put it in his little tooth box and left it for the tooth fairy, who surprise, surprise left him some money :) The tooth next to that is is wobbly but think it will be a little while before that's out.

The conservatory is coming on and all the brick work is done now. We have ordered all the glass so once that has arrived we can arrange for the fitted to come and do it. In the mean time John is starting work on the back room and that should be done just in time for the baby arriving. That will give us more room to spread baby things and Ethan's toys around! Plus I can have a little scrapping area too :)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ethan's 6th Birthday

Ethan had his 6th birthday last week and not sure where those last 6 years have gone. He had a great day and got lots of lovely presents, cards and money. He had thought he was going to buy an electric scooter with his birthday money but John's Mum and Dad got him one after asking us what Ethan wanted for his birthday. He loves the scooter and I have to say it's great, more than fast enough and a bargain at £25.99!

Out of some of his birthday money Ethan got a watch that projects the time. His friend has one and he loved it so treated himself to one. At the moment it goes everywhere and keeps telling us what the time is! The rest of his money has gone into his bank account - he must have more savings than us LOL

We went out for a meal when John got home and took one of Ethan's friends with us. He had wanted to take another friend too but because of where we were going he couldn't come (food allergy). We had a lovely carvery meal which is one of Ethan's favourites and Ethan and his friend had a ice cream sundae after.

He had his party on Saturday before and loved every minute of it. I was totally shattered after having catered for and supervised around 40 children!!! It did go well though considering how many were there and I had some great help from a few close friends and John.