Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas 2006

Well Christmas came and went and we had a lovely time. The tree looked lovely with all the presents under, there were so many! Ethan was really excited and loved having other children around who he could play with all his toys with etc. This photo is of Ethan infront of the Christmas tree before we started opening presents. What does he look like in those PJs - we got them a few days before Christmas!

I got an IPOD for Christmas alomg with some books, DVDs, scrapbooking stuff and other cool bits. I just need to get some music loaded to the IPOD once I get home as I only had a couple of CDs with me. I also got a thing for it which allows you to listen to it through your radio, that will be great when we are in the car as I don't have to have loads of CDs.

Boxing Day was spent chilling out and a little shopping (they don't have Boxing Day over here in America) in the sales. Last week we also vistited Maymont Park, Pony Pastures, Williamsburg and lots of other things as well as shopping! I will upload photos when I get back as everything is packed now.

Today I have been packing and we have done some last minute shopping. We are off out for a meal tonight at a pizza resturant near by which is a eat all you want. Then we leave my Auntie's around midday tomorrow to drop the car off. Our flight is at about 8pm and we'll land in England around 7am on Thursday. I just hope it all goes smoothly and there are no delays.

Great Wolf Lodge

On Friday 22nd December we headed out to Great Wolf Lodge which is a huge indoor water park. It's in Williamsburg about an hour and fifteen minutes away from my Auntie's house. We could use the pool from 1pm so planned to arrive for that time but stopped off at IHOP on the way. We all had a fab late breakfast with hash browns, egg, bacon, sausage, pancakes and fruit.

The place was fantastic, like a huge log cabin - the photo is of the main entrance. We went straight to the water park and spent about three hours in there. We went in the wave pool, rapids, the big water fun house, on all the various slides - and there were a lot. Some of the slides you went in little dingy's, single or double, others had rafts that four people could go in and then little children's slides. Ethan loved all the slides especially the fast ones, he was not able to go on the fastest though - the Howlin Tornado. It was fantastic fun but a little scary at times especailly if you were sitting backwards in the raft!

We then went to the room which was great, it had a log cabin within the room with bunk beds and single bed for the children - they loved it. In the evening there were a few activities for the children to do and a little arcade so we spent some time doing that. Santa was also there so Ethan went and had his photo taken with him. Then the me and my Auntie went shopping to the local Warmart whilst everyone else went back into the pool.

The following we were back in the pool, although we had to check out by 11am we were able to use the water park till 10pm. We managed to stay till 3pm by which time we were all exhausted. On our way back home we went to the Yankee Candle Store in Williamsburg where they have ahuge store and it's made up just like Christmas inside. You were also able to make your own candles which was lots of fun. Ethan loved dipping them into all the different colours. We then drove through Colonial Williamsburg which looked lovely, lots of historic buildings and colonial sites. We are hoping that we will be able to vist there before we go home.

Whilst at the water park you could hire a water camera for free then have the photos put on a CD at the end. These are some of the photos:

First few days in Virginia

Our first day in Virginia was very busy with lots of things to fit in. It started off with walking my cousins to the bus stop as it was their last day at school. Ethan thought this was great, especially the yellow school buses - he spent the rest of the day looking for and counting the school buses. It was my cousins birthday so we then went to get donuts to take into school for her friends. We then went to the school had lunch with her and she gave out donuts to her friends, Ethan really enjoyed this.

We then went and did some shopping, we needed things like shampoo, toothpaste, shower gel etc. Whilst in Target John and Ethan spotted a load of Spongebob Squarepants stuff so they stocked up on a few things. I then did some shopping in Old Navy, getting a few bits for me and for Christmas presents. On our way back to my Auntie's house I nipped into the local scrapbooking store and had a look round and got a few bits.

That evening we went out to The Califonia Pizza Kitchen for my cousin's birthday tea. It was great food and we had a lovely time. Here's Ethan enjoying his Ice Cream Sundae with caramal sauce and Oreo's!

The following day we went to Sunday Park which is a local reservoir and had a lovely walk round there. There were lots of squirrals running around in the wooded areas and ducks swimming in the reservoir. There was a lovely park which the children had a great time playing on, especially the tyre swing.

In the afternoon I went to the Mall with my Auntie to do some more shopping and get a few last minute presents. I got some great bargains from Old Navy for myself and it was nice to have a walk around the Mall. Later in the evening John went and out to do some "shopping" and took some photos in to be developed for me and I stayed home and wrapped some presents.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

New York

Well we had an amazing time in New York and didn't want to leave. We didn't have that long there but definately made the most of it. We landed in Washington DC then drove up to New York and arrived around 8.30pm and went to bed.

We woke early the following morning, around 6am, so we got ready and went out for breakfast. We then went to the Empire State Building which was so windy at the top but the fantastic views of New York. We also went on a helicopter tour (fantastic views again), to Ground Zero, shopping and much more. In the evening we went to Times Square and did a little shopping in Toys R Us.

The following day we had another early start and went ice skating in Bryant Park which Ethan had really wanted to do and had a great time. We then went to Macy's, FAO Swartz, Central Park, the Natural History Museum and a little more shopping. In the evening we went to the Rockefeller Centre and to The Top of The Rock to see New York by Night which was breath taking.

The day after that we did a few things before we left including the ferris wheel in Toys R Us which Ethan wanted to do earlier in the visit but the cue was too big. On our drive down to my Auntie's we stopped at The Rain Forest cafe in New Jersey for lunch. We had a lovely meal and spent a little money in the gift shop after!

Friday, December 15, 2006

And we're off.....

Tomorrow morning to America.

Very nearly packed just a few last bits to do and waiting for washing to dry so it can be ironed.

It's been a busy week so it's flown by. Ethan had his Christmas play and we went to watch that on Wednesday, it was great and Ethan sang really well and looked great all dressed up. Ethan also had his football presentation on Wednesday and he was so pleased to get a trophy and certificate, he has really improved since he started and is going to start back in January.

Anyway must go and finish off plus we have friends coming over and we're getting take away.

Will update my blog whilst I'm away and include some photos, will be next Tuesday/Wednesday though as won't have internet access whilst we are in New York.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Its been so long

Can't believe how long it has been since I last posted. It's not a bad thing time is flying by though, means our holiday is getting closer. I have been so busy getting getting the last few presents (mostly John's), presents wrapped, cards wrote, buying things we need for America and putting things in suitcases that we are going to need for the holiday. I'm going to need the holiday by the end of next week.

The next few weeks are going to be even busier with all the finishing off and delivering of presents. We also have Ethan's school play and disco, football presentation, a birthday party, meeting up with friends, family round for an early Christmas, and so much more. I also have my work meal out this week and John is out for a meal with his friend too. Then next week I'm having my hair coloured and cut which I'm looking forward to but will take up a whole morning the day before we fly.

Haven't managed to do much scrapping apart from a few pages in my America journal, I really need to get the last few pages done before we go so I don't have any catching up to do whilst I'm there.

I have been ordering a few things and had them delivered to America ready for when I get there. My Sweetwater Christmas Kit has already arrived and is all ready for the Christmas layouts. I also ordered the Jenni Bowlin Kit this month along with a few other bits from her new site. I also have a couple of stamps from Catslife Press that will be waiting for me too - I love these stamps and only just had some delivered last week! Think I am going to order form A Peek Into Yesterday too so I have cardstock and a few extras ready. Then I will go scrapbook shopping too :)

It's late soI'm off to bed but I'll update again soon - before I go away. I will also update my blog whilst I'm away with photos etc.