Sunday, April 30, 2006

I haven't stopped

It really has been a mad weekend and hardly had time to sit down. Yesterday I was up fairly early as I need to fill the car up with petrol on the way to taking Ethan to dancing. Thankfully I left myself enough time as half the pumps were out of unleaded at the petrol station. Ethan had an energetic time at dancing and got a little excited at times. There is a little girl who has taken quite a liking to him and she was telling him to come and stand here, walk around here etc. In the end I had to get him to one side and tell him to stop moving around and dance or we'll go home! He was fine then and even though the little girl was still trying to 'encourage' him he just carried on dancing and she went to another child!

I picked up some photos and cards at Tesco's on the home but only just had time as we got held up in traffic on the motorway - rubber neckers at a burnt out car! Once home it was a quick change of clothes, sort out a parcel that needed sending and cards to write.

We then left for John's Mum and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary meal but stopped at the post office on the way so I could post my cousin's birthday present in time for her birthday next week. We arrived at Patchings Farm first and went inside with one of John's brothers and waited for everyone else to arrive. We had a really lovely meal and Ethan ate loads - they didn't do children's portions just adult ones! I had roast beef, Ethan had roast chicken and John had a mixed grill we all had starters and desserts too.

John's Mum and Dad's wanted us to go back to theirs as they had a cake made that they wanted to cut but were taking a detour to Nathan's house to pick something up. We decided to kill a bit of time we would nip to Trowell Garden Centre and pick up some Strawberry plants for our garden. We had loads in our old house and last year we were picking a bowl of strawberry's ever other night so we need to build them up again over the next few years. I picked up a rhubarb plant to go with the one in the garden already, I love rhubarb and have great childhood memories at picking at my Grandma and Grandad's from behind their green house. I used to dip it in sugar (not something you'd do now) and make pies with my Grandad from it. We also got some bird seed to go in the feeder outside on the apple tree, Ethan loves to see all the birds come and the seed doesn't last long!

At John's Mum and Dad's we had cake and chatted for a while. Nathan had to do some work on his new car and John's other brother left fairly soon. Ethan managed to find room for a rather large piece of cake and still wanted to have some of the icing bits - this is after two pieces of garlic bread, roast chicken dinner with stuffing, roast and new potatoes and around 6 different vegetables followed by a banana split made with at least one banana, ice cream, cream and wafers!!!

Once home I nipped over to the neighbours over the road to give them the photos they had taken with my camera of the accident the previous night. They then came over to have a look at John's shed and I left them chatting whilst I went to Jane's.

This morning was quite relaxing, John and Ethan were out in the garden again and I got some tidying up and washing done. Here they are both infront of the completed shed (photo better later than never!). The area you can see to the right hand side is where Ethan's shed will go, the frame is done just the rest to do.

Ethan had Ben's party at lunch time and had a great time. It was at the Beekeeper a local Hardy and Hansons pub with play area and he hadn't been for a while so had a lovely time. This was the second party I have left him at and not stayed, it's a real sign that he's growing up and he was more than happy for me to go and off he went to play.

My Grandad and Grandad have been round this afternoon. It looks like they are going to go over to Virginia to see my Auntie (their daughter) in June. I really excited for them and so glad they have decided to go as they'll have a great time and will be great for them to see the new house. They will however be staying in the Shepherd (named after us) Suite - this is what I have named the top floor of my Auntie's house as she has a table sofa etc up there. I was helping them try and get some good flight prices from the internet. I managed to do this but was only about £100 more than the travel agents at the top of their street so I told them it would be better for them to go with them. They can just book it themselves instead of me having to do it and it's something they are more comfortable with as they have never used the internet. They were also going to take their car and leave it at the airport and drive themselves back. I've put a stop to that straight away and told them I'll be taking and picking them up, driving is the last thing my Grandad wants to be doing after a fifteen plus journey home.

So just chilling out now and catching up on a few things.

Friday, April 28, 2006


What a bust day it has been, my days off at the end of the week fly by. This morning Katy came round so we could crop a little, didn't really get that much done! I cooked bacon sandwiches and finished the journaling for a LO I did a while ago and think Katy did a few cards.

After picking Ethan up from nursery we went in the garden for a while and I chatted with our neighbour. Can't you tell the weather is getting better as it seems ages since we spoke. She was out sorting her garden out and Ethan was having a play on his climbing frame etc. She was showing Ethan and I her pond which is full of fish, tad poles and a frog. Ethan loves to have a look and have a chat with the neighbours or though he was a little over excited today and showing off a little.

We then caught the train into town and I did some shopping, just getting some new work clothes and some birthday presents. I looked for some Clarks Doodles for Ethan but they didn't have his size so need to go back when they have a new delivery. Whilst I was in Clarks I got them to check his shoes I got two days ago as they were starting to come away at the front. They are already scuffed at the front I you would expect for a boy playing outside etc but I don't expect to pay £24 for them to start coming away after two days. They did change them as "a good will gesture" and he has a slightly different style now as the sole comes up the front a little more and he now has the "lightening" ones as he calls them - they light up at the back as he walks or bangs them down.

We also had a Baskin and Robbins ice cream which was lovely. Ethan had Very Berry Strawberry with Jelly sweets and I had Jamoca ® Almond Fudge and Cookies 'n Cream. I would usually have hot fudge sauce too but they had none left. It was great especially as it's ages since we had their ice cream - must do it more often!

After even more shopping it was time to get the train home and get all the shopping sorted - it's all still sat there now. Not long after we arrived home a motorbike lost control and hit the back of our neighbours across the road. No one was seriously hurt and luckily there was nobody in the car but the police and an ambulance arrived. They're an elderly family and the car was quite badly damaged at the back compared with the bike, I lent them my camera to take some photos in case they are needed too. Ethan watched the recovery vehicle take their car just before he went to bed he was amazed at how it worked!

Will update blog tomorrow with photos etc - I know I keep saying this but times's running away. Another busy day tomorrow too, Ethan has dancing in the morning then it's back home, change and go out for dinner with John's family for his parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


John has just come home from meeting his friend and read my blog - I quote what he has just said "I have to find out everything from this blog, you never told me Ethan had his hair cut today!" You can imagine my response - he didn't even notice that Ethan's hair was half as short as it was this morning. Funnily enough John said the same thing to me a few weeks ago when I had my hair cut even though I asked him to make sure as was up because I was having my hair cut and mentioned it a few times before I went. I think I now have a new way of communicating with my husband as anything I say to him goes in one ear and out the other.

PS JOHN - I will be out at Jane's on Saturday night :)

Hair cut shop

This is what Ethan calls the barbers, so as you can see we visited there this afternoon and Ethan had his hair cut. He is having nursery photos next week too so just the right time to have it cut. His hair grows so fast but we have a number 3 on the back now so it's not as bad.

I met Jane as usual today and she came round here for lunch. Great to catch up as always and she had been shopping so got to see what she had got.

My photos arrived form Photobox today, I get most of my photos developed here now. They are fab quality, fast delivery and good prices with regular special offers. I got a few 10x8 photos and the rest were 6x4 and mini prints. Just getting some photos ready for Bonanza and to scrap Ethan's latest adventures.

I also got an order through the post that I have waiting for. It was just a few bits, 6x6 pages protectors, a couple of sheets of cardstock and patterned paper and a few pens - which weren't quite what I expected as the tip was a lot thicker compared to other pens in their range. I also ordered a Lil Davis America chipboard coaster for my America journal but it wasn't in the parcel so I have email and waiting for a response.

Then Katy popped round to get her bits from the order and she stayed for a drink and let the children have a play. She is coming round in the morning too so we can do some scrapping, will probably be our last morning crop before she moves :(

John was late home tonight as he went to a meeting at Ethan's school. They call themselves the "friends" of Ethan's school and meet about every month. They help fundraise for the school organize things like the school discos, sponsored walks, summer fairs etc. John has wanted to get involved some how as he doesn't get the chance very often to take or pick Ethan up with working so far away. I think he found it a little strange today with it being his first time and all the others have been involved for a while but it'll get easier as he becomes more involved.

So a very busy day!!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Where has the week gone.

Well it's Wednesday and the first time I've got on here this week. Its been the usual busy week at work but it's over now till Tuesday (bank holiday on Monday). Ethan started back at nursery on Monday after the Easter holidays. He was so tired when I picked him up from the childminder and he had a fairly early night.

Yesterday was a particularly busy day at work as I help out at a different Health Centre at the moment. I had lots of home visits planned and luckily 3 out of the 5 were in! When I got home with Ethan we went outside as it was such a lovely evening. Ethan played on his climbing frame, bike, go kart, trampoline, digger - you get the picture. I then went off to dancing which was as tiring as ever, we are making progress with our Riverdance ready for the competition at Butlins in Skegness.

After finishing work early this afternoon is was off to buy Ethan some new shoes. I have promised him them since last week and said we could go and get them today on pay day. He has been asking everyday this week when we were going to get them so he was very excited. He did want light up ones but they are not very summery so we decided he would get some of those when we go to America at the end of the year. I went to Crockers first (seconds/last seasons Clarks shop) to see what they had and to get some doodles. They had nothing in his size (10 1/2 G) apart from black school shoes which he is going to have to wear soon each day so wanted something a bit more trendy. Before we went to another Clarks we did the food shopping to fill our empty cupboards and finally got some. Ethan really likes them although I'm a little unsure, as long as he likes them though it doesn't matter. I also got Ethan a couple of t-shirts for the summer whilst we were out at Asda. They'll be great for wearing to nursery and one is an England one he has wanted.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

One of those days

The day started with my Dad coming round to sort the electrics out in the bathroom - they really needed making safe quick! He was around most of the morning and we are now able to carry on with the bathroom without wires hanging down from the ceiling.

John and Ethan have been making Ethan's shed which is really taking shape now, he is so excited that'll he have a shed like Daddy. Although things didn't quite go to plan in the middle of the day when the frame fell on John's head after Ethan was climbing on it. John had a cut and headache but apart from that is fine. Ethan however was very upset and didn't want to go back out in case it happened again. After explaining it was just an accident but to be careful he was ok and went back out with John.

This afternoon I did another Cyber Crop layout. This one was a challenge set by Ali Edwards to "create a layout celebrating one of your favorite friends (old or new). Tell the story of your friendship – how did you meet, how has your friendship evolved over time, etc" I really enjoyed doing the layout and was a great opportunity to do something a bit different and more in depth journaling. The photo is of me and Christina at her wedding in June 2004 and is the only photo I have of the two of us there.

Katy then came round and we tried to scrap but the children had different ideas! I managed to finish to layouts that were half done and Katy did get quite a bit done. They went outside with John when he had finished doing his bits and had a great time on the climbing frame and bikes etc.

Had a nice relaxing evening catching up on someprogram'ss I had recorded and also ordered from Capture the Magic as I needed some 6x6 page protectors for my SEI album (I keep layouts of me in this album) which is filling up.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

I now have an en-suite!

It's not quite how it seems though if you look at the photos. If last weeks demolition in the bathroom was bad then I'm lost for words this week. Not only did another wall go in the bathroom but also part of the wall separating the bathroom and our bedroom. It was a cupboard in the bathroom (which meant in our bedroom we lost a little space because of it) which housed the water boiler etc. We now we have a combi boiler which is in the utility cupboard so there was no need for the bathroom cupboard so out it has come to give us more room in our bedroom and a squarer room. The mess and dust in both rooms was just horrendous but John has now tidied up the best he can and that's how we will live for the next month or so. He also tells me we will have to flush the toilet with a bucket of water as from next week because he needs to get the walls plastered (as you can see in the photos it's quite an old toilet!) so he can then get the new toilet in - hopefully this will only be for no longer than a week!!!

(click on photos to enlarge)

I have done another 2 layouts for the UKS Cyber Crop. This one was Kathy's class and is of Ethan playing his guitar that he got for his 2nd birthday and was a class.

This layout is of me a long time ago when I used to dance wearing a new costume and is a challenge to use as much 'bling' as possible!

Busy few days

Yesterday was a really busy day. Me and Ethan visited friends in the morning and Ethan and Liam played really well. As soon as we got home from there we were expecting Claire and Finlay who were coming for the afternoon for the last time. Finlay starts school next week so won't be able to meet Friday afternoons anymore. They played well together and we all enjoyed chocolate cake that Claire had bought. I also gave Claire her birthday present which she opened and was very pleased with (Next bracelet and Maya Road chipboard bookplates).

John then got home and ended up fixing my car as the gear box went as he was driving it onto the drive. The car was stuck in the middle of the round and I had to steer it whilst John pushed - luckily no cars came! We then had a builder come to quote on the extension we are having done.

It is the UKS Cyber Crop this weekend and this is the layout I did yesterday, the flower and ribbon are from the birthday card Katy made me earlier in week (click on it to enlarge).

Thursday, April 20, 2006

No rushing around

It was lovely this morning to have no rushing around getting ready for work or nursery. We got ready at our own pace, had breakfast and chilled out. We then went to friends for lunch and Ethan had a great time playing with his friends while I chatted to my friend Jane. She gave me a lovely necklace today for my birthday which is lovely (will post birthday photos in the morning). We took the children to the local park and for a short walk - they needed to work off some energy!.

Didn't get home till around 5:30pm so got Ethan's tea sorted straight away as he was really hungry. Ethan them did some stamping with his new stamps he got for Easter and then it was time for bed.

Almost finished a Christmas layout tonight so will hopefully complete that tomorrow and that can go in Ethan's 2-4 year album which I'm trying to get completed. I didn't start scrapbooking till he was 2 years old so have some catching up to do!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Funny week

I don't know where I am this week after the bank holiday Monday and only doing half a day at work yesterday! It was my half day at work today, quite a busy morning so went quite quickly. My Dad had Ethan today whilst I was at work as he isn't at work this week. Ethan had a lovely morning and enjoyed taking Jack the dog for a walk down near the river and weir field. He was quite excited as he was telling me he held Jack's lead and helped 'take him for a walk'.

After I picked Ethan up from My Dad we chilled out at home for a bit then Katy came round. We did some scrapping whilst the children played, something we haven't done in a while so I really enjoyed it. The all had some of one of Ethan's Easter eggs (well I've got to get rid of them some how!!!) and also a little picnic tea.

I went dancing tonight for the riverdance class, which is the dance we will be doing at the competition in June at Skegness Butlins. I only usually go on a Tuesday as it's too far to go Wednesday's as well but as I didn't go yesterday with it being my birthday I went today. We actually did quite a few new moves so it's a good job I went, only six weeks to go! Just hope when it comes round I remember it all and do it right on the day.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Had a great birthday

I've had a lovely birthday and the day just seems to have flown by! Work was busy this morning but it did go quite quickly. I met a few work friends for lunch so it helped break the day up. I left work a few hours early and me and Katy took the children to Crazy Crocs play area. They had a lovely time and Ethan definitely needed to work some energy off.

John cooked a lovely meal tonight of Chow Mein and egg fried rice. My friend Christina came round too and I've had a lovely evening. It was great to catch up with her and sit and have a good girly chat, something we don't get to do often. She has only just gone so it's a quick bath and then bed.

Had some more fab presents and loads of birthday cards (some lovely handmade ones). Katy got me some Maya Road chipboard book plates and stamps which I can't wait to use. Christina got me some jewellery that bought from a recent visit to Hong Kong, she got me some last year and they are great. Also got a little travel bag which will be great for our trip to America and more scrapbooking stuff. A few people have forgotten my birthday, Grandma and Grandad, My cousin and Auntie, hopefully the cards got caught in bank holiday post and will arrive tomorrow.

Will take some photos of my presents and upload them tomorrow.

It's my birthday

Well I'm up far too early this morning as I thought I would be, I never usually get chance to turn the computer on never mind put an entry on my blog. Ethan and John woke me up at 6:30am singing Happy Birthday and Ethan was very excited. They got me some GHD straighteners that I have been wanting for ages, I wasn't expecting them though as I'd put a sewing machine and AMM tote on my birthday list! I also got some oil to use with the straighteners and the latest Kelly Clarkson CD, so great presents.

My Auntie in America got me some fab stuff too, some New York things like napkin rings, bottle stopper and cocktail sticks. She also got me the Annie CD and some scrapbooking stuff including the Simple Scrapbooks Clean and Simple book which I've had my eye on and some embellishments - will photograph everything later.

I also got lots of cards and some money which I'm sure will get spent soon! John then cooked breakfast and we all sat down and had American pancakes. It was really nice to sit down together and have breakfast, something we never do as John leaves for work so early.

I need to go and get ready for work, it will be a busy day but should finish at 2:00pm and then will go out for the afternoon.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Breakfast with Bunny

We had to get up early this morning and get to the Hard Rock Cafe at 9:30am for Breakfast with bunny. We had a lovely morning and sat with Katy and her family as they had decided to come too. Claire and her family were there too but they were on a different table but we still got chance to chat and Ethan to play with Finlay.

We ate first and had a continental breakfast with croissants, pastries, cereal, yoghurt etc and then a full English breakfast. Ethan ate really well as always although he couldn't stop looking at the TV on wall with the music videos playing.

As you can see Ethan had his face painted as the Easter bunny which he had decided on in the car on the way. He sat so still and serious as it was being done and was very excited after it had been done he had to go and look in the mirror.

The Easter bunny then came out and Ethan had a cuddle and photo taken with him. They then had an Easter egg hunt and Ethan managed to find one small and one large Mars egg. Ethan then enjoyed chasing the Easter bunny with the other children, it wasn't too busy so the children were able to run around which was great.

It was a great morning and Ethan really did have a great time. I was a little disappointed as it had said that there would be egg decorating and games too which there wasn't. I decided not to say anything today but will write a letter to them as that was in with the price and Ethan had been looking forward to that too.

We then did a little shopping in town and I exchanged some jeans I had bought from Next the previous week as they had developed a hole, not what I expect after so little wear. They did change them but I went for a different style to avoid the same problem in future.

This afternoon we have done some spring cleaning in the back room which was long over due. It looks half decent now and a lot more nicer to spend time in. I have also managed a double layout tonight. I can't remember the last time I did a double layout and usually find it difficult to get inspiration for them. I started sorting Ethan's 2-4 year scrapbook album out and I hadn't done a layout for his second birthday so I got the photos out to decide whether I could fit them all on a single page and ended up actually doing the layout and a double one at that!!!

Anyway it's my birthday tomorrow so should get to bed as I will probably be up early opening presents and cards before work. I'm sure Ethan will be so excited and will wake me up so he can help unwrap everything. Katy is having Ethan tomorrow whilst I'm at work which is a big help. Then when I get back in the afternoon we are going to take the children to Crazy Crocs play area. Then Christina will come round in the evening and John will cook us all Chow mein and Egg fried rice :)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Easter bunny came

Happy Easter everyone.

Ethan was very excited this morning when he discovered that the Easter bunny had been. He loved the little bits we got him, Chicken Little Easter egg, a little tub of Kid Knex and a bunny photo frame with a photo of him in. He loved playing with his Kid Knex this morning and the photo frame has been put where everyone can see it. Some of the Chicken Little Easter egg and smarties that were inside have been eaten and Ethan also had one of John's little eggs from his SpongeBob Easter set.

My Dad then popped round with 9 Cadbury's creme eggs, 3 each. John has already polished off his 3 eggs and also his SpongeBob eggs and more would have gone if he had them. John's Mum, Dad and brother then came round and delivered 24 more Cadbury's creme eggs, 12 for me and 12 for John. They also got Ethan an Easter stamping set and a box of 5 Mini egg cakes.

There is so much chocolate in the house at the moment and I got a huge Mini egg Easter set from John and Ethan (see photo). Ethan has also got LOTS of other Easter goodies, 2 Chocolate Button eggs, 1 Mini egg, 1 Lindt gold milk chocolate bunny, a BIG car and everything else I've mentioned.

Ethan has had a party this afternoon too so he had a great time there. It was a bouncy castle party and luckily they got lovely weather for it. When I went to pick him up he was sat at the table eating a huge piece of chocolate cake! He came back with a party bag full of lolly pops, sweets, chocolate and a couple of party toys but he will have to save them for another day as he has already had far too much today with it being Easter and going to a party.

John and Ethan are having a bonfire in the back garden soon to burn up some of the wood that has piled up since the work started on the bathroom. I'm sure like last time they did this they will be asking for Coffee, hot chocolate and marshmallows. I will be inside cooking tea for me and John and relaxing.

Finished off some layouts

Here are two layouts I've finished off today. I did them a while a go but never got round to doing the journaling, so here they are complete at last. They can now go in Ethan's scrapbook albums.

This layout is Ethan on the luggage trolley at Heathrow airport just after checking in for our April 2003 holiday to San Diego, America.

This layout is Ethan doing an Easter egg hunt on the same holiday in April 2003. These photos were taken in my Auntie's garden.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Look at the mess

Can you believe the mess? This is what I was faced with on my return from an afternoon of scrapping. John has removed one and a bit walls and put in the new door frame. It was a separate toilet and bathroom but we are making it into one big bathroom with toilet, sink bath and shower cubicle. There is a lot of work ahead but I hope this will be the messiest it will get, although another wall is coming down tomorrow!

Back to today's events though. I had my hair cut and straightened this morning, it always looks so good when it's done at the hairdressers. It's now a lot lighter and tidier. On the way back home I went into Next and changed my shoes that I bought last week. I changed them for the pink trainers so can't wait to wear them. Whilst I was there I also got a new white top for work and a birthday present for a party Ethan has tomorrow.

It was then time to go to the Hobbyhorse crop and I had a lovely afternoon. Managed to almost get two layouts done but they need the finishing touches. So not as productive as yesterday but still a great afternoon.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Crop day

There was an extra crop today at Hobbyhorse so off me and Katy went this afternoon. Had a great afternoon and got two layouts done plus one started which I will finish tomorrow. It was great to catch up with everyone and still get some scrapping done. I didn't buy too much either but there were some lovely ribbons and some Queen and Co ribbon slides and I have already used one of those. I have uploaded one of the layouts.Didn't do too much in the morning apart from have a lay in and get my scrapping things ready. Also watched a movie with Ethan - Casper and chilled out with him before he went outside to help John paint the shed. Ethan also managed to paint the fairly newly decorated lounge as he had some paint on his clothes and brushed past one of the walls in the there. Lovely green smudges now!!!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Visting friends

Had a lovely day today and it was really nice not to have the rush in the morning of work and getting Ethan ready and to nursery. After chilling out first thing this morning I nipped to pick up a parcel form the Post Office. I was puzzled by the parcel that had tried to be delivered as I couldn't think that I'd ordered anything. It turned out to be two photo rounders that I had ordered for Katy and my Mum, just completely forgot about them - thanks Janine.

After picking the parcel up it was off to our friends, about a half an hour drive away. Ethan had a great day playing and mostly they played well together. Ethan doesn't get to play with them often as they are at school so he has really been looking forward to seeing them. We had a lovely lunch there too and as always Ethan ate VERY well.

We then picked Ethan's pot that he had painted at Paint a Pot the week before. He is really pleased with it and it has turned out well, he just needs to put some pens etc in.

I've felt a bit off tonight but I'm sure after a good nights sleep I'll feel better. I sorted out some of my scrapbooking stuff out tonight as I'm going to a crop tomorrow so trying to get organized. I also have a few unfinished layouts that I need to sort which I made a start on tonight.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tough day

It was the funeral today of my friends little boy who passed away just over a week ago. It was a very difficult afternoon and my friend seemed to be coping very well with the afternoon. You just don't know what to say in these situations, makes me very grateful for the healthy child I have.

My sister Michelle has been back from university in Swansea for a few days so came over for tea tonight. Ethan enjoyed having her round and couldn't wait to show her his hamster Scooby. He ate really well too and that was after a good breakfast, big dinner, tea at Katy's then the spaghetti bolognese at home - where does that boy put it!!!

I have done two layouts which is very good for me. I just need to put the date and a little journaling on one of them and it'll be complete. I have used the Wild Asparagus and kaleidoscope papers that Katy bought me back from America. They are lovely papers and so easy to work with. The layouts are slightly different to my usual style mainly because I have only used the papers and the matching paper embellishments. I'm really pleased with the results though and can't wait to use the rest of the papers. Here's one of them.

Monday, April 10, 2006

My new shoes

These are the shoes I bought over the weekend. The pink flip flops are so comfortable and I usually find it difficult to find nice comfortable flip flops. They usually hurt and leave blisters on feet or don't quite fit right. They are from Next clearance so last years stock but they are comfortable so that's all that matters. The others are some slip on trainers, I couldn't decide between these and some pink full trainers. I went for these cause they were more suited to summer and for wearing with skirts and shorts - I may go back for the trainers though!!!

Work today, busy as ever. I stayed and worked a little later tonight to get some bits done as John was picking Ethan up - well was supposed to be. I arrived home just before John arrived home on his own, when I asked where Ethan was he didn't know what I was talking about - then it clicked! So off he went to get him from his parents house.

Just finished a layout I started last night of Ethan with his cousins so will hopefully get another one done tonight.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Greens Windmill

Today we went to greens Windmill in Sneinton. I used to go there as a child and it hasn't really changed that much at all. Ethan has been wanting to go there for ages, everytime we see it when driving by it or near by he asks to go. So eventually we went and took Louise with us who was also very excited. They have a lot of activities going on for children so thought we'd go and do some of those.

We picked Louise up around 10:00am and then drove there. Once there we had a look around the visitors centre and they have all sorts of science things to look at - I remember some of them from when I went there as a child!!! We then did the Easter Egg Hunt in the windmill, it was only 50p. We had to answer questions as we went round the Windmill, starting at the top. The stairs were VERY steep and both Ethan and Louise needed help getting up and down them. We had to find out how many eggs were on each floor as well as answering questions about the windmill and how it works - the answers were on information boards on each of the floors. It was very interesting and the views from the windmill were great, we even saw the sails working a little when the wind picked up. On the ground floor you could have a go at grinding the grains yourself like the mill stone does. They both really enjoyed doing this and was hard to get them away. We then took the quiz sheets in and they got all the questions right so got a little basket with chicks in.

We then went to make Easter gift bags. It was supposed to be for 7 years plus but we helped them out and they really enjoyed doing it and had a bag at the end to put all their bits and pieces in. We saw the guinea pigs that were in the courtyard area and then went for a play on the park. That had changed quite a bit from when I was last there, there used to be a really long slide which is no longer there. We then took some photos of Ethan and Louise in front of the windmill and went back to the centre to have another look round and get a greens Windmill pencil.

It was time to get some lunch then and we eventually decided on McDonald's. They both enjoyed it of course and liked the little toy they got. Before taking Louise home we stopped by Beeston train station to meet my sister off the train. Ethan thought we were just going to see the trains so couldn't believe it when he saw Auntie Michelle.

We then did the food shopping and came home to relax. I also got some more shoes today, these are pink leather flip flops from Next Clearance. I had been looking at some in Next but they weren't very comfortable so didn't bother getting them yet. The pink ones are so comfortable I can't wait to wear them.

I had a quick sleep this afternoon I was just so tired, think the last week is catching up on me. John did some tidying in our bedroom whilst I was asleep. A few things needed fixing, sorting and it was long over due for a spring clean. It is getting used for storing things whilst we are doing up the house so has all sorts of things in there. It will all be worth it when it's done but our bedroom does have some major work ahead of it and it will probably end up being last.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

New clothes

Took Ethan dancing this morning as usual, he got a little tired towards the end but still had a great time. He did brillient rolly pollys this week and tried really hard at hand stands and being a clown! There was no travel sickness on the way home either today so that was a relief.

On the way home we went to Next, I had some vouchers to spend and wanted some more clothes. Managed to get some new slip on trainers for the summer, grey combat type trousers and a top. Also got Ethan a top and some sunglasses - he looks really cool in the sunglasses and wore them all the way home.

Ethan has a party later on this afternoon. I just need to get the presents wrapped and dry and iron Ethan's trousers. He is going to wear the new top we bought from Next today with the trousers and he needs to write the card out before we go too. Will update the party info later.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Scrapbooking Stash

Look at all my new scrapbooking stash (click on photos to enlarge), I can't wait to use it all. My friend Katy bought it all back from America for me so saved lots of money. Most of it is Heidi Swapp, her stuff is just great and very hard to get hold of over here. The book is Ali Edward's "A Designers Eye," I haven't had a chance to look through it yet but sure it'll be fab (this was a pressie off Katy for looking after her cats). The patterned papers are mostly Wild Asparagus with a few kaleidoscope and Junkitz, I really needed some more papers so they came at the right time.

Anyway the rest of the day! I finally managed to get some new jeans today. I went to Next whilst Ethan was at nursery to take some other jeans back that didn't quite fit. Tried on loads more jeans whilst I was there and got a pair to fit. They were cheaper too so also bought some socks for myself and a baby present.

I then picked Ethan up from nursery and he came out with a bag full of sweets and chocolate as it was the last day at nursery for some of the children due to starting school after the Easter holidays. He also came out with an Easter card, he had done some great writing in it and it was very neat, you could tell he had tried really hard.

After we had, had lunch we went to Paint a Pot in Beeston. Ethan painted a little pen pot to put his pens etc in. He started off doing it to match his bedroom, blue background, moon and stars but then added an anchor and flying fish and dolphin! It is being glazed so we will be able to pick it up on the 11th April.

Did a bit of shopping whilst we were in Beeston and posted some parcels and cards off. Then got Katy a few bits from Sainsbury's so she had some food for tea and nipped over there for a bit. Great to see everyone again and Ethan was really excited.

Ethan then spent the evening in the garden with John moving mud!!!! That reminds me, I must take some photos of the shed/garage as it is now and post them.

Disco time

Yesterday turned out to be quite a busy day. I had a friend over for coffee in the morning whilst Ethan was at nursery. The morning flew by even though she was here for just under two hours. After I picked Ethan up from nursery we nipped to the shop to get some fresh bread and had dinner.

I then did some some things in my America journal now that the ink cartridges had arrived, I really missed the printer being out of action. I'm really pleased with how the journal is taking shape but I still have quite a bit to do before it's up to date.

Ethan's friend Liam and his Mum then came round. They played really well in Ethan's bedroom and hardly made any mess. It's nice when they can play well together and we can sit and chat and have a coffee - everybody has a nice afternoon!

It was then time to nip into Beeston as I needed to get some birthday cards, sympathy card and a new baby girl card - better late than never! Whilst there, a shop was selling off scrapbooks for £2, they had some sequins on the front, name and date ofsomeone'ss wedding printed on and were a little scruffy. For £2 it's worth it for the ten page protectors inside and if I'm feeling brave I will have a go at covering it.

It was then time to get ready for the school disco, that was after my Mum had popped round to check something on the internet. Me and Ethan had a bath, then me and Ethan had something to eat. We then we both got ready and I straightened my hair and it was time to go. As you can see form the photo Ethan was very excited about going. I don't know why I bothered straightening my hair as it rained as we were walking there! Ethan had a fab time dancing with his friends and even won a prize for musical bumps. It didn't want to go home though and we had some tears on the walk home. He did sleep well last night and I was exhausted.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Easter bonnet parade

Well today was the day. I left work early so I could get Ethan from Mum's and get him home to sort everything out before getting him to nursery. I only had about ten minutes to get him changed, get the camera and camcorder and of course the bonnet. We walked to the school and I dropped him off at nursery with all the other children. I then cued up to get into the hall, I sat with another Mum who was going to video it all while I took the photos. We got fairly good seats although the best ones are reserved for teachers, governors and the vicar.

All the children walked round the hall and stage first wearing their Easter bonnets. Nursery were the last to walk round and Ethan looked great in the bonnet he made. It's very difficult to get good photos but think I managed one. All the children then sat on the stage and sung the songs they had been practicing. They sung some as a whole school and then classes did their own. Ethan was great when nursery sang theirs and sung all the way through. I even managed to video most of the show , so was glad I decided to take the camcorder.

The centre photo at the top is the best one I have when he was parading around. The others were taken afterwards whilst walking home.

Just chilled out at home for the rest of the afternoon, apart from a walk to the post box and shop! When John got home Ethan showed him the video of the show, Ethan was very proud of himself and it was great to watch him singing away.

Easter bonnet day 3 (4th April)

After getting back from a busy day at work and picking Ethan up from the childminders it was time to finish the bonnet off. Ethan put the chicks around the rim, small pom poms around the rim and in the nest and feathers around the bonnet. It looked fab when it was done and just needed to dry out.

I decided not to go dancing as I had been up most of the night with Ethan. Not sure what was wrong with him but something was bothering him. At one point we were both sleeping on his bedroom floor! So didn't really do much apart from relax and watch television.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Easter bonnet, day 2

Well Ethan 's Easter bonnet is coming on, see the photos - look at the concentration on his face in the first one. As soon as I'd had picked him up from the childminders tonight it was home, walk to the shops and at the table to continue with the bonnet. Ethan was very eager to get to get started and the first job was another layer of yellow crepe paper. The is was on to making the nest, I cut the strips of brown card Ethan painted yesterday and Ethan stuck them on round the top of the bonnet. He then had tea and a bath whilst that dried. I then found some yellow shredded tissue paper (usually used for gift bags!) which Ethan used to make the middle of the nest. It was then time for the bit Ethan has been waiting for, to put the bigger chicks in the nest, he will put the smaller ones round the bonnet rim tomorrow.

Back at work today after a few days off last week, still short staffed etc - how much longer will it go on? I had my new annual leave form today so put the holiday to America straight on it, just need to get it signed and it will be official.

Got a parcel in the post today, nothing exciting just some refills for my Herma and a Sakura Gelly roll pen, always nice to get post though.

I've fallen behind with the 21 day challenge but will hopefully catch up later in the week whilst Ethan's at nursery - depending on house work!!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Easter bonnet

That's been my main job today, helping Ethan make his bonnet ready for the Easter Bonnet Parade at Nursery on Wednesday. We had to go up to Hobbycraft first as we didn't have enough thick card to make the hat, I ended up spending a fortune on more chicks, crepe paper, brown paint, mini pom poms and feathers. The picture is of Ethan putting the glue on ready to stick the crepe paper on. He also painted some of the card so we can make twigs and stuck crepe paper on the whole of his bonnet. Just another layer of crepe paper to do, nest to make, chicks to stick on and feathers to stick on. Will post photos of the completed bonnet and when he is wearing it on Wednesday for his parade.

Also went food shopping today, had to get it done in record time as Grandma and Grandad were coming round. Got all of the usual and a little Easter present for John - won't say what it is in case he reads this!

Grandma and Grandad came round about 3:30pm and bought Ethan a wooded boat but it needs building, a project for him and his Daddy I think. We had cream cakes and gave Grandad his birthday cards ready for Thursday.

John has spent the day on the shed/garage again and managed to get quite a bit done and most of the concrete roof tiles are now on. Here is a photo of the before and I will post a photo of how it is at the moment over the next few days.

Not much else really, bathed Ethan, had a bath myself and cooked tea - cauliflower cheese mash potato, chicken green beans and sweetcorn, it was yummy.

Ethan is now fast asleep in bed after a bedtime story, he was so tired tonight.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Poorly boy

Ethan still has his cough and today he has been sick too. It's awful when children are sick and I hate to see him like that. We were in the car on the way back from dancing and going to watch the planes at East Midlands Airport when he was first sick. I couldn't pull over straight away but once I had pulled over, I managed to get him cleaned up. He managed to see a plane take off before we drove home. Thankfully he slept for most of the way home and John was waiting with the cleaning stuff!!!

I thought he had probably been travel sick as there has been a couple of times he has been sick in the car fairly recently. It seems to be when the suns out even if the weather is cold outside - I did have the air con on in the car though today. He was sick again though this afternoon so who knows if it was just a bug, something that disagreed with him or he is going to suffer from travel sickness at times. One things for sure we will have something on hand in the future, especially in America when we will have some long car journeys.

Dancing this morning was good, Ethan is really growing in confidence and seems to be really enjoying it. Today we went in and while I paid he went and warmed up, something he hasn't done before without some encouragement.

The parcels I have been expecting arrived today which I was pleased about, especially the Sakura Lightening Gelly roll pens. I really needed them for the America journal I am doing. I had started some more on that tonight but had to stop as the printer isn't working. Not happy - seems it needs some more colour cartridges which I thought we had, we haven't so have to order them and wait for them to arrive some time next week.

John's shed/garage is now up, he just has the concrete tiles to put on and some other bits I think. It is quite big but doesn't look as big as I thought it would especially now the doors are on. He just has to fill it, tidy the area up and build Ethan a smaller version with the left over wood. I will post some before and after photos of the bottom of the garden at some point - and the rest of the house>