Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Two layouts

This is the layout I did last night. It's of Ethan with his doll which he had to sleep with every night last year. He is a little older now and just sleeps with his cuddly toys but still enjoys playing with dolls - not that John likes that LOL

I did this layout on Sunday night and it's just a quick and simple one. It is of our visit to Greens Windmill in April this year. We took Louise with us and they both had a great time grinding, finding the Easter eggs and making a gift bag.

Bank holiday Monday

Had a lovely Bank Holiday Monday and it's lovely to have a shorter week at work. In the morning Katy came over with Olivia, Louise and Phoebe. The children all have a great time playing in Ethan's bedroom with all the toys and playing outside. Me and Katy looked at each others recent scrapbook pages, it's so much better to see them in real life.

In the afternoon we went food shopping and got Ethan a new helmet now he can ride his bike. He got a Scooby Doo one which was on offer for about £5 but at the till it came up at £2.47 - I love a bargain. Ethan wants the matching knee and elbow pads now or pad knees as he calls them!

Later in the evening Christina and Gareth came over which was great as it's been a while since we got together. We caught up on what we've all been up to and are going to get together for a BBQ as soon as the weather improves.

I spent quite a while sorting out Ethan's 2-4 year scrapbook album to get it in order so I can see what layouts need doing. There aren't too many to do so I will be working over the next few months to get that completely finished then I can sort his 0-2 year album out. His most recent album 4 + is almost up to date, just a couple of Ethan's most recent outings need scrapping. I also did another layout last night from Ethan's 2-4 year album so that's one down, hoping to get another done tonight when I get back from our dresrehearsalal at dancing.

Will upload a few layouts later.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


We are having a BBQ this evening, it's a little windy out there but we have the burgers and it's not raining.

This morning I have been shopping with Ethan to get a few bits. I wanted to get Ethan some summer plimsol type shoes but they didn't have his size in. I have ordered them though and they should arrive in the next week or two. I ended up with some Start-rite shoes, they are very similar to Clarks doodles but more grown up (the Clarks doodles were just to babyish for Ethan) and more money! When they arrive I will need to take them into John Lewis to get them fitted and choose between the two styles that I have ordered. Also got Ethan some t-shirts ready for the summer, got a really nice OshKosh one and one from John Lewis which has cranes on!

Got some make for myself from Clinque, it's ages since I've bought any and I really needed some new foundation. I love Clinque products and usually stock up when I visit America but I've started to run out.

Me and Ethan went for a little bike ride round to my Mum and Dad's this afternoon and he rode his bike all of the way, we just had to be careful when passing parked cars. Ethan loved showing his Nanna, Grandad and Auntie Michelle how he could ride his bike with no stabilizers.

This was Ethan yesterday afternoon after he fell to sleep on the sofa - notice the scruffy jeans from being outside in the garden, it's a hard life!

This is the layout I completed last night. It's not the best photo of me, John and Ethan but as we don't get our photo taken together very often I thought I would scrap it for the family album. I used the left over Junkitz papers from the layout I did the previous night of me and Ethan so I really got my moneys worth.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

New hair style

I've had my hair cut today and had a new style. It was quite a quick decision but a few days ago I decided I would have a fringe. I am so glad I did as I love it and it completely changes how I look - if you know what I mean. It is taking John some getting used to as he says I look so different. Will add a photo at some point.

On the way back from having my hair cut I went to to Gonalston farm shop to get a few bits. It's a bit of a detour but I love the place and they have such lovely food. I got some burgers ready for when we next have a BBQ - 12 for £5 which I think is really cheap and they are big burgers! I also got a few other bits, bread, ham, biscuits etc but could have spent a whole lot more.

This afternoon I finished a layout and spent some time with Ethan out in the garden. He just can't get enough of riding his bike now he can do it with no stabilizerss. It's not been a very quiet afternoon though as some neighbours at the back of us have been playing music nonstop all afternoon, evening and tonight full blast - not funny when you're trying to get a 4 year old to sleep.

This evening we have been out for a meal with Ethan. We had a lovely meal and couldn't manage a dessert we were so full. After we went for a drive and drove by the airport and saw a plane taking off. Ethan loves to watch the planes taking off and landing and we often go up there with a picnic.

Off to watch TV now and do another LO.

Two layouts

Here are two of the layouts I've done in the past couple of days, I managed to finish the one I started last night this afternoon.

The first one is off Ethan when he was about two and a half. It was taken the morning I went to Barcelona for a few days. I have used Sweetwater paper and embellishments, Queen and Co bookplate and brads and Bazzil cardstock.

The second layout is of me and Ethan when we visited America in April 2003. This photo was taken at Disneyland whilst we were in the cue to see Tigger, Eeyore and Winnie the Pooh. I have used Junkitz paper, Bazzill cardstock and American crafts ribbon.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Can't stop scrapping

Well I really am on a roll with my scrapbooking these last few days. I completed two layouts yesterday and starting a third last night too. I finished that layout tonight and have almost completed another layout. I'm really pleased with them and they are all very different. The first two I did are fairly simple but it's another two layouts done for Ethan's albums to get them up to date. The third one is for our family album and is of John's side of the family when we went out for his Mum and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary. The last layout is for my album and is of me and Ethan at Disneyland in California when we went in 2003. I will post photos of a few of them tomorrow - can't post two of them as they have other people in the photos.

Today has been a very busy day and me and Ethan were out most of the day. First thing this morning we went to have breakfast at Tesco's which was yummy. We then went to a friend from works house who is not well at the moment. I had to stop by the florists on the way to pick up some flowers after we collected for her at work. Ethan had fun playing with her son and all his toys - he had a lot too. From there we went to Claire's and we had lunch which was ready when we arrived. Ethan played really well with Finlay and Jacob and there wasn't really any falling out which was nice.

We then went home but it wasn't long before John got home and we were back out again. We had planned to go out for dinner but after everything me and Ethan had eaten today we thought it would be better to leave it till tomorrow when we weren't as full! So we went off to Costco as it's ages since we last went. We just got the usual - Croissants for Ethan of course and also some bird seed for the bird feeder in the garden as it was a bargain at £3.99 for a huge bag and a couple of other bits. We also have a bite to eat when we had finished and they had cottage pie which they don't usually sell so I had that and it was really nice.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Clever boy

Ethan rode his bike tonight with no stabilizers. He's only had a few practices since we took them off as the weathers been so wet we haven't managed to get outside much. We went outside to water the strawberry's and rhubarb, he was in his PJs and he just got on his bike and did it. He went from one end of the garden to the other and there was no stopping him after that. He was even starting to master the corners around the house and using the brakes. He just needs a little more practice pushing himself off with his feet as it takes him a while!

We were going to treat him to an ice cream from the ice cream van but he never came on our road even though we heard the van. We then went to look for it and couldn't find it so next time the ice cream van comes we owe Ethan an ice cream.

Will get some photos on here in the next few days, also need to buy another tape for the camcorder so we can video him.
Well I've finished work for the week, well I did yesterday lunch time. It has been as busy as ever and my work has now changed slightly for the next few months or so. I will be working with a different Health Visitor one day a week but still at the same Health Centre. It should be challenge and I'll have a lot to get stuck into but still working at two separate Health Centres.

I have had two practices again at dancing this week so I'm really looking forward to relaxing tonight. My feet are really aching after doing Riverdance for the past two nights. We now have one more practice left which is next Tuesday and it will be a dress rehearsal. We haven't seen our outfits yet but it consists of a black skirt, long black sleeve top, sash, wig, hand band, tights etc.

Our plumber came round yesterday when I got back from work to disconnect the radiator in the bathroom. John can now get on with things in there and get the wall back up between the bathroom and our bedroom - no en-suite then!

This morning I have done some scrapping whilst Ethan was at nursery. I managed to get one layout completed of Ethan with his cousins in America when we went in 2003. I am hoping to get another couple done today as it is so long since I last scrapped - well a few weeks ago at Bonanza, it just feels longer than that.

Also have NTL coming round today to fit digital TV. We don't need it as we have Sky but they had an offer where we would save money on our phone and broadband and the TV was included so we'll have it put it the back room - not that it will ever really get used but as it's free, we'll have it.

Ethan is off nursery tomorrow as it's an inset day. We are going to go to Tesco's in the morning and treat ourselves to breakfast which we haven't done in ages. I then need to visit a friend from work who is not well and take her some flowers from everyone at work. We are also going to friends for lunch and need to try and visit another friend too - busy day I think. I could have done some of the visiting today but NTL are coming between 12pm - 6pm so who knows when they'll turn up.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

No rest

I had quite a nice day Friday, it was busy but relaxing! After dropping Ethan off at nursery I came back and relaxed in front of the TV, it's ages since I've watched day time TV and I really enjoyed it. Ethan came back from nursery with his Bear words and the next one too - Bear words 3. I had asked for the next ones as it is inset day next Friday and half term the following week (they take Bear words in on a Friday) and he is already great with Bear words 2. I don't think his teacher wanted to give them us and put on his sheet that he didn't know all of Bear words 2 (he does) but Ethan said they worked as a group and she never went through any of the Bear words 2 - so who knows! Liam and Donna then came round in afternoon and the boys had a great time. They played great together, most of the time and didn't make a mess. Claire then popped round with Finlay and we had a chat whilst they played for a short while. It's a while since they have seen each other but it was like they'd never been away, we are going round to their house on Friday with it being inset day.

Ethan went dancing on Saturday morning and had a great time as always. He hasn't been the last few weeks for various reasons but it was like he'd never been away. On the way home we went to Grandma and Grandad's to sort their flight times to America as I need to send the details to my Auntie. Ethan was really excited as we were going for dinner and he always helps his Great Grandad and gets a great pudding. The rest of the afternoon was spent in garden watering plants, Ethan practicing riding his bike and he went over to our neighbours to look in her pond. She has loads of tadpoles and frogs in there and her young nephews were round too so Ethan loved it - he has no fear though and he had to be watched very carefully near the pond!!!

Katy also popped round for an hour on Saturday as she was up in Nottingham for the day. The children played outside with John whilst me and Katy chatted with no interruptions!

John spent all of Saturday on the bathroom too so it looks so different again. This time he has been working on the outside wall of the bathroom which is now down to the bricks. It looks so dark and smaller in there now especially as he also blocked off the little window in there to make way for the shower cubicle. Here are the latest photos - Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon, notice the bath has moved position temporarily as well.

Sunday was spent "window" shopping for tiles, a shower cubicle and shower. We didn't really get that far as the shower cubicle we like we don't think we can have as it's not compatible with our heating system. I did find some tiles that I really like though but we now have to decide how much of the bathroom we want tiling. I think it will come down to money though as I think it will be cheaper to tile the whole room then to have the room plastered and then tile part of it.

Ethan had a party in the afternoon of a friend from dancing. He had a lovely time and joined in all the party games and most of the dancers. He also ate lots of party food and loved playing with the balloons.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Some photos

Bonanza - UKS team photo

Bonanza Lil Davis class layout

Ethan learning to ride his bike with no stabilisers


It's been a usual busy week at work and we have a student with us for 4 weeks at the moment too. It's been a while since we last had a student so that will keep us busy over the coming weeks as well as everything else!

I have had to go dancing twice this week, once as I usually do on Tuesdays and on Wednesday for an extra Riverdance practice as the Skegness competition gets closer. The routine is really starting to come together now and I'm looking forward to doing it. The skirts for the outfit we'll be wearing are being made at the moment and I'm not sure they're going to be very flattering!

This morning whilst Ethan was at nursery I went food and clothes shopping. I just needed a few bits from Sainsbury's for lunch as Jane was coming over for a few hours. I went to Next and took a top I bought last week back as I wasn't really keen on it when I tried it on again. I got a really lovely pink and grey stripy sweater which I love - thanks Katy for showing me yours :)

Jane was looking after a friends little girl today so she came along with Jane and Ethan had a great time playing with her. They played so well and me and Jane were able to chat and catch up.
Not too much planned for the rest of the day, hoping to get some Bonanza classes I did completed and it's the start of Big Brother tonight too.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Well I'm back from a great weekend away at Bonanza. It was my first time and so much better than I expected. In the end me and Katy made a last minute decision to go on the Thursday night so that we were only a 10 minute drive away from the NEC in the morning. Katy booked a Travelodge about 3 miles from the NEC so it was ideal. After packing everything in a rush on Thursday afternoon/evening I finally arrived just after 10pm at the Travelodge. After chilling out for a bit we both went to bed as we had a very early start in the morning.

We got up about 6am on Friday morning and got ourselves ready. We got everything down to our cars and had breakfast at McDonald's which was only next door. After going the wrong way to start with (Sat Nav's fault!) we arrived at the NEC. It was not that straight forward to find somewhere to park as the signs just seemed to stop. We found somewhere to park though and only a very short walk to where we needed to be.

Check in was very easy and we went straight to the VIP room for coffee. Our goodie bags looked great with all sorts of bits in them. We also had a tool bag which we found out we could keep as we were VIPs but we were given the wrong tool set to start with but we managed to get that changed. We then went to the cropping area and found ourselves a table and started cropping straight away. I managed to get a layout finished that morning and met Lianne and Kathy. Dani and Mary were also at our table and we had a great time with them, it was great to have people we knew there.

We went shopping and I bought a few bits including a AMM tote for my tools that I had been after for ages. I got it from Rachel at Hobbyhorsecrafts and so did a lot of other people by the looks of it! Our first class was A lotta Lil with Becks, it was a fab class with great teacher and an amazing kit. There was so much in it, travel stamps, ribbon, lots of embellishments, paper etc and I loved the double layout I created. Before the next class we met with others from our UKS team, it was lovely to meet people again and for the first time. We were able to have a quick chat and have some photos taken before going off to our next classes. The next class was Heidi Swapp, Inside the box with Kara Wylie and was fantastic. We made a little album from one of Heidi Swapps frame kits (just needs finishing) which is something I never would have though of doing-I have a travel one sat in my draw so I know what I can do with it now! Kara was lovely and made the class so relaxed and we got so much done.

The last class of the day was The X-factor by Gin-x and the only disappointing class I did. The class kit was various papers from Imagination Project so not just Gin-x as I thought. The kit did not co-ordinate - papers, embellishments and cotton art tape and I'm not sure the little album is something I would use especially as nothing matches.

Party night was good and there was enough food to go round. We had a power cut due to a lightening strike but I still managed a layout in the dark! I also did another layout that night and it was good to meet a few new people and watch some of the challenges. I also won a raffle price which I was really pleased with. After the party we made our way to the Hilton Hotel. It took longer than planned as once we had got our cars we couldn't find our way back to Dani and Mary who were looking after the bags. Once we'd checked in at the hotel we took our things to the rooms and had a drink in the bar. We finally got to bed around 1:30am.

The next day me and Katy were up and down for breakfast around 8am. We had a lovely breakfast and filled ourselves up. We then got our things and went over to the NEC and got a coffee from the VIP room. We then found ourselves a table in the cropping room and made our way to the first of today's two classes. It was Album Botox with Mandy Anderson and was a huge paper bag book. It was a very fast class and we almost completed the whole album, Mandy was a great teacher and kept us on out toes. Our next class was Prima Donna and was a card class with Prima flowers, Maya round charms and some other things from Craftwork cards. We completed 2 cards in this class and had some things left over to do some more.

We then had some more time cropping, shopping and meeting people before heading home. I was so exhausted but it was a fantastic two days and I finally made it home at 8pm.

Thanks Katy for a great weekend and for your company in cropping, classes, shopping etc. It was great to share classes with Michelle and Kathy too on the Friday - didn't we have a good moan on Friday Michelle and Katy!! Thanks to Dani and Mary too for your company whilst cropping and drinking and finding our way to the Hilton!!!

I will post photo of my layouts later when I have photographed them.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Times running away

It's been a busy week and have been trying to find the time to update! On Sunday we went to Katy's house to help them with boxes etc. John and Martin were very busy putting boxes in the loft, putting furniture together, getting the garden sorted etc. Me and Katy went shopping with the children for a few things that she needed. We stopped for McDonald's whilst we were out which we all enjoyed! Once back the children played in the garden all afternoon whilst we got other things done. We then had some dinner which we had bought with us so that was really nice. We had a lovely day even though it was a "working" visit and can't wait to go again when everything is sorted and can see all the new things and scrapping area :) We arrived home around 8pm and the journey was great with no traffic.

It was back at work on Monday and I felt so tired. It was quite a busy day at work so that kept me going through the day. I didn't really do much just relaxed, enjoyed a chow main John had cooked and watched tv.

Tuesday was very busy at work and I was glad to get home by the end of the day. Once I picked Ethan up I had to go to the Post Office to get a long over due parcel sent off. It was then time for dancing later on which I felt far too tired for but went as Skegness is getting closer and we really need the practice for the Riverdance.

I was glad to finish work for the week today. I had to get home for 2pm picking Ethan up on the way. We had some guys coming round from the insurance company to look at the work that they will be completing in about a months time when the movement monitoring is complete. As soon as they had gone me and Ethan went for a walk down the river and canal. We stopped off at the shop first for an ice cream then ate them as we walked to the weir field. We walked along the path that runs by the side of the river and it was just so peaceful and sunny. We saw a heron and swans along the way and Ethan found a golf ball. It seemed so long since I'd done this walk yet it minutes from my house and where I grew up. I thing you sometimes take for granted what you have on your doorstep and I will not in the future we had such a lovely afternoon. On the way back we walked past the park and Ethan played their for a while before we walked the rest of the way home. On John's way home from work he picked up all the essentials for a BBQ and that's what we had for tea. There is nothing better than sitting out in the garden on a summers evening with a glass of wine and a BBQ.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Back down to earth!!!

Ethan let us all sleep in this morning and didn't wake up till 8:00am - I slept in a little longer. We had bacon sandwiches for breakfast this morning outside which was lovely. We sat watch the birds at the feeder that's on our apple tree, it was so peaceful out there. I then went into town shopping with Ethan to get a few bits, birthday card for the party Ethan had, new house present, new baby boy present, some clothes for Ethan and a few other bits including some handbags. Ethan helped choose some of the things and chose himself some socks as he hasn't got many - well he has they're just all odd. On the way back I treated Ethan to an ice cream, vanilla and strawberry whippy with sprinkles - he loved it. We got home just in time for John to get Ethan ready whilst I wrapped the presents then Ethan wrote the card out.

Ethan had a lovely time at the party which I ended up staying at as there were a lot of children and holes in fences outside where the children's play area was. He really enjoyed the magician that came so I think that's Ethan's birthday party sorted this year! It had started to rain during the magician's act so this spell of lovely weather didn't last long.

After the party we went shopping at Tesco, nothing exciting just the usually weekly shop. Then that was the day gone, Ethan in bed, we had our tea then getting things ready for tomorrow and Monday. Back to Katy's tomorrow to help, we're taking tea with us for everyone so that'll save cooking tomorrow.

Manic few days

Where do I start, the last three days have just flown. Thursday was a lovely relaxing day and the weather was just so hot. In the morning I nipped into Beeston to get a few bit and got a coffee from Cafe Nero that has just opened. I then went over to my friend Jane's after picking Ethan up from nursery. We had a lovely afternoon outside chatting and Ethan played on their new trampoline. On the way home I went to a local farm shop to get burgers and sausages and then to Sainsbury's to get cobs, cheese, wine and hamburger relish. When John got home we sat in the garden and had a BBQ and my Mum and Dad joined us. The burgers were pork and apple and huge, they were bigger than the cobs. The sausages were just a selection of what they had and everything was organic and made on site.

Friday I had Katy's three children all day as it was their moving day. All the children had breakfast together here then it was time to get Ethan to nursery. On the way home from there we went for a walk along the canal which was lovely as the weather was sunny again although I was exhausted pushing the pushchair with two children in - you forget what it's like when you haven't used a pushchair for so long. Ethan was having his nursery photos done today and we got to see the photo on the day. It is such a lovely photo of him and we just have to decide what to have now as there are bookmarks, keyrings etc. After lunch the children played outside and Liam came round to have a play too. It was lovely to get outside again and get all the outside toys out. Unfortunately it didn't go quite to plan for Katy and they didn't leave Nottingham till 6pm. We went with them to give them a hand at the other end but before that cooked the left over burgers on the BBQ, got some drinks etc together, waited for John to get home then met them at their old house with it all and followed them.

We got to their new house around 7:30pm and the removal guys arrived not long after. Me and Katy tried to entertain the children and keep them out of the way whilst John, Martin and the three removal guys unloaded the vans. The children were so full of energy though and hard to contain, especially Ethan!!!! I took them out for a walk but that made no difference. Everything was finally in by around 10:30pm and we finished our drinks and left not long after with a "still full of energy Ethan." He was fast asleep within ten minutes though and when we arrived home around midnight he transferred straight into his bed. Needless to say I was straight in bed too.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

So clumsy

After a very busy morning at work I was relieved to get home. A parcel had a arrived for me and luckily a neighbour had taken it in for me. It was my order from Artbase which I didn't expect today with the Bank holiday but it was a very nice surprise. I just love all the bits I got, page protectors, Foofala Going places patterned paper for my America journal, a transparency and some Zig Millennium writers in brown and blue. Can't wait to use them now.

I then met Katy at Crazy Crocs so the children could play together for one last time whilst Katy is still living in Nottingham . We had a lovely afternoon and the children had a great time, we had tea there too. I managed to knock a whole jug of blackcurrent over and it went everywhere I then managed to knock a cup of it over as we were tidying it up after they bought us a new jug - very embarrassing!

We had a builder pop round tonight with a quote for our extension, the guy was really nice and broke down all the costs but it's a little more than we want to pay so we'll see what the others come back with.

I treated Ethan (and John) to an ice cream tonight from the ice cream van. We heard the vans tune and I said to Ethan he could have one if the van came on our round and it did about 5 minutes later!!! As you can see Ethan really enjoyed it and it didn't last long!

Started sorting Ethan's 2-4 year scrapbook album out tonight now I have some more page protectors. I don't think I ordered enough though which is a real pain. Think it will have to wait till next pay day to order more but I can get everything in order and layouts that need doing done before I order more.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Matlock Bath

We went to Matlock this morning and had a great time even though the weather couldn't decide what it was doing. It was mostly dry with just a couple of light showers. We took Olivia and Louise (Katy's children) with us which Ethan loved. We all had a lovely morning walking around Matlock Bath and playing on the park. The children loved the swings and once we'd wiped the rain off the slides they went on them too. We had chips, sausage and fishcake for dinner and found a little chip shop we could sit down and eat in.

We were going to go to the Heights of Abraham but didn't have the time plus with the weather being so variable we thought it would be nicer to do when the sun is shining! So really looking forward to doing that in the summer and so is Ethan. There is so much to do up there to, adventure play area, caves, walks and there are a few places to eat too.

This afternoon we have done the food shopping and I got a pair of crop trousers for work, think I am now all sorted for work clothes for the summer. When we got back we planted the strawberry plants and rhubarb plant we bought yesterday and also moved the rhubarb plant that was already in the garden. I'm hoping that the rhubarb we moved will be ok and continue to grow - fingers crossed.

Whilst John and Ethan finished off in the garden I completed two layouts that needed the journaling adding. It's another two layouts completed and ready to go in Ethan's albums when the new page protectors arrive as I have ran out!