Thursday, January 01, 2009

November 2008

November has been a month of getting things sorted for Christmas so I can enjoying December instaed of running around doing things at the last minute. So no big events etc this month.
Bonfire night was at the beginning of the month and for the second year running we had it at home. We had some friends round - Ethan's best friend - so that was really nice for Ethan and Flynn. We had some more fireworks the following night as Ethan's friends brother was ill and was upset he'd missed them.
The boys watching the fireworks, Flynn didn't want to miss out and enjoyed watching and pointing at them too.
Having fun with the sparklers.
We went swimming this month and had lots of fun, Etahn and Flynn particularly had a great time. We went on the slides and Ethan went on, on his own and I took Flynn down on my knee - he loved it.
I took this photo just after a little photo shoot of the boys to try and get a good photo of them both for the Christmas cards. I didn't get a good shot but liked this one of them sat on the sofa together.