Wednesday, July 25, 2007

House plans

Well the last few weeks have been spent making plans for the house and what exactly we want to do to get the extra space. When we bought the house one of the things we were going to do asap was extend the ground floor. We decided to go with an extension so we could extend the kitchen as it is very small, it would also give us an extra room. We got all the plans drawn up and had them passed by the council, spending a lot of money in the process! We have now done a complete U turn and are having a conservatory. It has taken lots of time deciding this weighing up the pros and cons and it is the right thing to do at this time. The main advantage will be that it will be up before the baby arrives which is something I really wanted but was never going to happen with the extension.

So we had a friend come round at the weekend and he has priced up what we want and we are getting really excited now. It's going to be quite a big space, around 5x3 metres so will be great room for us all. The only downside is that the small kitchen remains but we are going to make the best of the space available. Fortunately we have a utility area that already houses the washer and dryer so we don't need to have them in the kitchen. We went to Ikea last week and got some really good ideas for helping us decide how best to use the space and we have seen a kitchen we like there too.

So the plan is:

- Old garage is coming down this week

- John starts work on digging the footings for the conservatory at the weekend

- Get the brick layer in to do all the brick work

- Lay the floor

- Surveyor in to check sizing etc

- Order conservatory

- Conservatory up

Then we need to start work inside the house starting with changing the doors/windows between the rooms. I have decided that it would be best to do the Kitchen first then the back room and finally finsh off the inside of the conservatory. This way if everything is not done before the baby arrives at least I'll have a nice kitchen and probably back room completely done. The conservatory is closed off with the doors from th house so John can just go in and finsh that when he can. Plus it will only be a case of plastering, fitting radiators, flooring then moving dining room table, setee, storage etc.


We went to a wedding on Saturday and had a lovely time. It's amazing how quickily these things creep up. It seems like only yesterday (last September) we were talking to our friend about it. The weather wasn't great but it did stop raining as she was arriving at the church and stayed that way till they were just finishing the photos. This is a photo of me that Ethan took whilst we were waiting outside the church. It's not the most flattering of photos but I think Ethan did a pretty good job (I have cropped it). I had to buy the cardigan at the Next sale that morning as I had nothing to go with the outfit I'd bought with the weather being so cold - it looked better without it.

Ethan had a great time and was really good in the church and he did have to sit there for about an hour. Once at the reception he was able to let off some steam and dance and play around. There were quite a few children there so he played with a few of them throughout the evening. I really don't know where he gets his energy from as he never really stopped all evening apart from food! Here are a few photos - the first two are Ethan on the dance floor (he liked the smoke machine), another of Ethan that I really like and one of me and Ethan that I really like.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sports Day

Yesterday was Ethan's sports day and fortunately the weather stayed dry so it could go ahead. He was really excited about it and asked me in the morning if I could video him - I told him I would but was going to anyway. He was one happy little boy after winning both his races, he said he'd be the fastest and he was!!! Here are a couple of photos, the first is the running race and the second is the obstacle (not sure what's going on with his legs):

It was the summer fair after too so Ethan enjoyed having a go and the tombola and some of the little games etc they had. We then went and met his new teacher and I have arranged to see her next week to have a chat.

Then it was Ethan's football presentation so it was a quick change when we got home from school and out of the house again. They played some football matches before the presentation and then they gathered us all round for the presentation. Ethan was very pleased with his certificate and trophy and they are now on the fireplace where everyone can see them. Here is a photo of Ethan going up to collect his certificate and trophy and one of him holding them:

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunny day

Well as the sun came out today we got the pool out for Ethan. He has been so desperate to have it out but with the bad weather we have not had it out this year yet. He was really excited and had his new swimming shorts on before the pool had been blown up! He had lots of fun with his dingy and ring in the pool and used his trampoline to bounce and jump in. He even managed to get John in by the end of the afternoon even though he had a headache!

I didn't get my camera out but got lots of footage on the video camera - we're really making an effort to use it more as it is great to look back at. We have recently put all our camera tapes onto DVD and have enjoyed watching them back especially from when Ethan was young. It has made us realise how valuable this is and we are so glad we used it. I'd have liked to have got more though of when Ethan was young so will learn and get plenty with this baby when he/she arrives.

Ethan enjoyed cooking tea with John this afternoon. Ethan loves to get in the kitchen with his apron on and help chop and mix food. They cooked Toad in the Hole, something Ethan really enjoyed when we had it a few weeks ago and asked to have it again. While they were at it they also cooked a Spaghetti Bolognese for tomorrows tea to save cooking - the vegetables are very chunky so I hope they cooked ok! This is a photo of Ethan helping cut the sausages just before the batter mix goes in :)

I finished a layout I started a few nights ago yesterday which I'm really pleased with. It's one for Ethan's album and I have almost caught up on this album which I started from when he was 5. I also did a layout for my pregnancy album today which is now up to date. Well with the photos that I had developed. I just need to get some more photos developed so think I will have another 3 layouts to do, so not too bad.

I have also had an idea for another album after finding some epoxy stickers I bought a while ago today. They are KI Memories epoxy stickers that have the months of the year, letters and more. I thought I'd do a 6x6 album for the first year of the babies life and try and get the pages done before October then I can just add the journalling and photos. I am waiting for the latest Sweetwater kit which I'm hoping will match with the stickers, if not then I'll need to find some patterned paper that would be suitable for a boy or girl.

Friday, July 06, 2007

School report and new class

Ethan got his school report today and found out that he would have a new teacher next year. There are going to be two classes with year 1 in and in some ways I'm a little disappointed in the one he's in. If I'm totally honest I don't think I would have been 100% happy which ever class he'd have been in. He will not be in the same class as one of his closest friends and I'm really upset about that. I think Ethan would have benefited from being in the other class as there are more of his friends that are a good influence. In the class he is going to be in it's the opposite but on the other hand maybe the teaching style of the new teacher may suit him better. Who knows anyway, Ethan is happy and it's never easy being a parent especially when you're not the one making the decisions - glad I got that off my chest!!!

Here is a photo of Ethan taken yesterday after his long over due hair cut, he looks so different.

I ordered a couple of scrapbooking bits from A Million Little Things yesterday and can't wait for them to arrive. I've been wanting to get some of the Making Memories Travel range after seeing Katy's. When they arrive I'm going to do a 6x6 album with everything for when we go on holiday at the end of August. We are going to my Mum and Dad's caravan for a weeks break before Ethan is back at school and the baby arrives. They will be selling it once we've been in so I thought it'd be nice to have a good record of being at the caravan as Ethan has had so many happy times and memories there. After seeing so many travel albums/journals (and doing my own for our trip to America) recently, including Katy's, I thought this would be a great idea. I'm planning on either buying a portable photo printer or borrowing my sister's so that I can complete the album whilst I'm there - will do the page layouts hopefully before I go so it will just be a case of putting in the photos and journalling.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Active baby

I had a midwife appointment today and all is well. Baby is very active and was kicking the doppler when she was trying to find the heartbeat. When she did find the heart beat baby moved out of the way! I can't remember Ethan being quite this active so early although he was very active later on.

Here is a photo of Ethan taken a few weeks ago in bed. He often manages to get himself into some strange sleeping positions and this was one of those. Fortunately my camera was to hand so after taking a photo we put him back into bed properly.

Off to have a look through scrapbooking magazines, stash and photos and get a few layouts done over the next few days.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Baby buying :)

I've been spending again and I'm loving every minute of it - even John doesn't say a word now, just lets me get on with it :) On Friday I went shopping in town and nipped into Gap as there was a few things I wanted to get along with a pressie for my cousin's baby (he was born on Friday and we're waiting to hear what she has called him). There was a sale on and I got some lovely things including vests, baby all-in-one, hat, teddy, plus a couple of pressies. I also went in John Lewis as they had the baby carrier I wanted with about £12 so thought I would get it whilst it's on offer.

I took some maternity cropped jeans back that I got a few weeks ago as they didn't really fit very well. They had a sale on so got a pair of combats and a top for less than the jeans I took back. I've just about got all the clothes I need to get me through till October apart from maybe a couple of tops depending on the summer weather! I've got a mix of maternity clothes and normal clothes, it just depended on the style of the clothes.

Yesterday I spent a lot of the day sorting the babies room out and Ethan's old baby clothes. We had to nip out to get a few bits so whilst we were out I picked up some underbed storage. I had decided on Ikea storage but with the sizes I wouldn't have got as much. Once home I put the clothes in two of the boxes, one with the older baby stuff and the other with the boys stuff ( if it's a girl then the boys stuff can then go). The other box is for bedding and bath towels, there are a couple of bits in there but will fill that up over the coming months as I get the sheets, blankets etc that we need. Here is the cot with the underbed storage, I think it will work really well.

I also had a little reorganisation of the drawers so that there will be enough space for everything i want to keep in there.
The white teddy is what I got from Gap on Friday whilst shopping, I will take this into hospital with me for the baby (Ethan had a teddy we took in too). The other teddy's are what Ethan has bought for the baby, they are so soft and suitable from birth.
We also picked up a baby swing last night as the one Ethan had when he was a baby broke. It was a real bargain and virtually as new plus it's Graco and almost identical to the one Ethan had. As you can see Ethan has enjoyed putting some of his teddy bears in the swing and pushchair.

Here is the pushchair (sorry not very good photos) - one with the carseat and the other with the pushchair seat on. There is also a hood and rain cover that comes with it and we need to buy the footmuff.

We then went to a party in the evening as my friend is back from Dubai for a few weeks where she now works. It was great to see her again although we didn't really get chance to chat as she had all her friends and family there. Hopefully we are going to meet before she goes back for a chat as she is not back then until Christmas.

Today I have been sorting Ethan's room out which is well over due but there is still lots of sorting to do just need some storage boxes etc form Ikea. He had too many clothes on his wardrobe hanging rail so I put most of his winter clothes in one of his drawers and got rid of any clothes that were too small. I also did a little sorting of his wardrobe shelves and drawer and they are now ready for things to go in and storage boxes. Once that is all sorted then it will be onto the toys - that is where I'm sure Ethan will have something to say as he hates getting rid of things!