Sunday, June 25, 2006

Busy again

I need to try and remember what I have been up to since I last blogged.

I nipped to Hobbyhorse at the end of last week to get a few things including Junes Creating Keepsakes magazine that I hadn't managed to get hold of yet. I also ordered July's Creating Keepsakes magazine and two mini lunch tins from Papermaze for Ethan's teachers when he leaves in July.

On Friday a few of the Mum's from nursery popped round for a coffee which was really nice. It made a nice change from coming home and cleaning etc. In the afternoon me and Ethan had a check up at the dentist which Ethan quite enjoys. Before we went in we were deciding who would go first and Ethan said he wanted to and I could go first next time!!!

Yesterday (Saturday) was a very busy day and started as usual with Ethan going dancing. Today though he had his first private lesson after his normal ones. He did really well learning a little routine and has been doing it at home since and is remembering the first part of the routine - I'm remembering the rest. After dancing we went to pick up Christina and went to do some shopping as she needed to get a baby book for her sister's baby shower.

Ethan then a had a party in the afternoon and we picked up one of Ethan's friend on the way. He had a lovely time playing on the bouncy castle and watching the magician, he even got to help bend a balloon in half as the magician couldn't do it!!!

Today I have been to my best friends sisters baby shower. It was a great afternoon and a nice surprise for her as she didn't know. She got some lovely gifts and we had a great time playing games. One of them I won - you started with a necklace in either blue or pink depending on if you thought it would be a girl or boy and if you saw somebody folding their arms or crossing their legs you had to take theirs off them.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


For some reason these photos wouldn't upload onto the Father's Day post as I had wanted them too, so here they are.

Here is Ethan in his Nottingham Forest football strip on Friday. At nursery they could wear it on that day as England are doing so well and we also took in an item that can be used for the tombolla at the summer fete.

Here is the latest photo of the bathroom. It's not a great photo as it was very difficult to get a good angle with all the rubble etc. We are now flushing the toilet with a bucket of water and the sink will be out of action from the weekend. The plasterer then comes in after the weekend and then John will have the first week in July off to get as much of the bathroom done as possible.

Here is the lunch box we got Ethan ready for school. We have used it for the nursery trip today and it is great. The ice pack that you put inside kept everything cold so it will be fantastic for putting his lunch in once he starts school in September.

Nursery trip

It's been such a busy day today and I'm so tired. I took my Grandma and Grandad to the airport this morning as they are off to America to see my Auntie. We made it there in good time and there were no cues for check in. Once they had checked in I filled out the immigration and customs forms out for them so they wouldn't be worrying and not have to do them on the plane. I then saw them up to the departure lounge and they went in to wait for boarding - they had plenty of time, about an hour and a half.

I was parked in the car park for about 40 minutes and it coast me £3.60, it is such a rip off and really annoys me that NCP charge so much - can you imagine the profit they make! I had a good journey back and was at Ethan's nursery trip at Ferry Farm an hour later. It's been a lovely day at the farm and Ethan has really enjoyed it although very excited and full of energy! Here are some photos from today

Nothing much has happened since I last posted just the whole build up to the school trip and taking Grandma and Grandad to the airport today. It looks like there are going to be more changes at work with staff moving bases etc. Hopefully I won't be moving but we may end up having some other health visitors sharing our room or based in the same building, will just have to wait and see. Almost forgot, we did go and order a shower cubicle on Monday for the bathroom. They didn't have the one in stock that we wanted so have ordered it in and still got the 15% off that was being advertised. Just the floor and wall tiles, radiator/towel rail, shower and accessories to buy now and maybe under floor heating.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

Having a lovely relaxing day today which is nice - although John isn't as he's back working on the bathroom. We have a plasterer coming in just under two weeks to plaster the entire bathroom so it has to be ready for then and there is still loads to do. Here is the latest photo of the bathroom and they'll be another later as John is taking the toilet apart so he can put lateral restraints in - a bucket a water is what we'll be using to flush the toilet as from this evening!!!

We have just been to John's Mum and Dad's to give John's Dad his Father's Day card and present. In the end I made another mini book with more photos from their 50th wedding anniversary meal that I found on John's Mum's camera. I had been asking John all week for ideas for his Dad but I never got any. Thankfully he loved it and it has been added to the mini book I did John's Mum for her birthday so makes one big mini book now.

Just waiting for my Dad to get back from a weekend at the caravan then I can nip round with his card and present.

Ethan gave John his Father's Day cards and present this morning. He made a card at nursery and also one with me and he did all the writing himself. Ethan chose a t-shirt and some 3/4 length trousers for John's Father's Day presents, with a little help from me! John has always been unsure of 3/4 length trousers and when I saw these I thought I would get them so he try some on as I could have easily taken them back. They look great on and although John's still not sure I think he quite likes them. We did have to take the t-shirt back though as it was far too short and the bigger size would have been too wide, Ethan was a little upset as it had an England design on it. So we exchanged it for some trousers as John really needed some more as all his trousers seem to be turning into work trousers!!

Yesterday was a really busy day and it started as usual with Ethan going dancing. Today though John came along too which Ethan was really excited about as John hasn't been yet to watch him. Ethan is really enjoying the first class at the moment which is gym, he does all the stretches, roly polys, hand stands etc. I'm also hoping to get Ethan a private lesson sorted, they think they can squeeze him in just before or after his other lessons so lets hope so. I think it will really help him with his stretches etc and to start learning a little routine as he has shown an interest for doing competitions - well winning a trophy like I did at Butlins but bigger.

After dancing we went to my Grandma and Grandad's for lunch and to sort out arrangements for Wednesday. On Wednesday morning I am taking them to the airport as they are off to America to visit my Auntie (their daughter). They just wanted everything checking and making sure they had everything ready. I wrote out the luggage tags for them, made sure they had all the relevant documents and they had new passports so the stickers etc needed taking off them and emergency contact details writing in. So they are all set now apart from packing the rest of their cases and I'll be picking them up at 7:30am. Whilst we were there Ethan managed to fall in their pond. We never let him in their garden without one of us is with him so John was right next to him and pulled him out. Just shows you how easy it is as he was only running towards it and tripped. He was wet through and we had to go straight home - we were going to do the food shopping on the way back!

Once we had gone home and got Ethan changed we got the food shopping out of the way and also nipped to Costco. Ethan has a nursery trip on Wednesday and has to take a pack lunch but I didn't have a good lunch box for him. So as he will be needing one for when he starts school in September I thought I'd buy it now and he can use it for the trip. I had seen some in Costco a few weeks ago that had the ice packs etc in and thought that would be ideal as it will keep things like yogurt's etc cool. It also comes with a drinks bottle and the inside can be taken off and washed so will be perfect.

Katy then popped over with Olivia for half an hour. Ethan and Olivia played outside whilst me and Katy chatted and looked at each others layouts etc. I also gave Katy Phoebe's first birthday present which is the main reason they were visiting Nottingham.

Friday was a fairly busy day too and I had to have a filling in the morning after I had dropped Ethan off at nursery. It wasn't too bad and even the needle didn't really hurt and it's all sorted now. Liam and Donna came round after nursery and Ethan and Liam had a great time playing in the garden.

When John got home from work it was straight round to his Mum and Dad's as it was his Mum's birthday. She loved the mini book I made and the handmade cards too so that was nice. Ethan ate far too much chocolate cake whilst we were there but had a lovely time!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Lake District layout

This is the layout I finished the other night that has been half finished for the last week. It's of me, John and Ethan on one of the boat tours on Lake Windermere. We visited the Lake District last year and made sure we did this as we knew Ethan would love it. I'm not too sure about the layout, it is another simple one for the album I'm trying to get finished but it's growing on me.

Mini book

I did this mini book this afternoon for my mother in laws birthday tomorrow. The photos inside are from her and my father in laws 50th wedding anniversary in April - can't show the inside pages as it includes other family members. It came together really easily and quickly and I'm really pleased with finished book. She is quite crafty so sure she will love and appreciate it.

Anyway back to everything else I've been up to. Yesterday afternoon I went shopping with Ethan after I had finished work. Ethan was really hard work and didn't behave himself at all and as a result we didn't go and collect his flip flops we had ordered - not that he was bothered!!! I managed to get John's and my Dad's father's day presents sorted so that's a good job out of the way, just John's Dad now but I'm getting no help from John!

Today has been a busy day and I spent the morning getting chores etc done. The first part of the morning was spent cleaning up and getting washing sorted. Then I went to collect Ethan's flip flops and get a few bits from Sainsbury's for lunch. After picking Ethan up from nursery Jane came round for the afternoon and we were able to have a good chat and catch up.

Ethan picked the first strawberry from our strawberry patch today. He has had his eye on it for a few days as he had noticed it had started to go red. Unfortunately we won't get many strawberry's this year as it takes a few years for them to 'mature' but it'll be worth the wait.

I also got a letter from Ethan's nursery today with all his school visits on, who his teacher will be and when parents can go in etc. It's suddenly feeling very real and close, I think it is only 5 weeks until he breaks up for the summer holidays. It will be very strange when he starts school and we no longer have our afternoons together. At least I will be able to take and pick him up from school though so will still have plenty of time with him and of course there is still the holidays. Thankfully it all seems to have gone smoothly being able to reduce and change my hours at work to fit them around Ethan's school times.

ENGLAND WON the football. Great game and even Ethan enjoyed watching the second half - he came and told me Daddy wanted the white ones (white shirts) to win and is that who I wanted to win, he will learn!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

John's Birthday

It's John's birthday today and we couldn't have asked for nicer weather for it. John had insisted that I got him nothing for his birthday as we are saving for America but I had other ideas. After lots emails and telephone conversations with my Auntie I have booked John a helicopter ride over New York when we visit there at Christmas. It's called The Big Apple Tour and you can see it here. Me and Ethan will hopefully join him but we will decide nearer the time.

This morning we have done a little shopping as there were a few things I forgot from shopping yesterday and we also needed a few other bits for the BBQ this evening. We then went to Costco and got some taped for the camcorder, a bargain at 12 for £16 - we usually pay around £8 for 2. We also got John a birthday cake from Costco, they are such good value at £10 but a little too sickly for me. Here is John with his cake, it had bee cut seconds after this photo was taken!

Ethan has been out in his paddling pool again today and John has joined him. He has had so much fun this weekend in the paddling pool and garden but he is exhausted. As you can see he fell so sleep in the dingy as it was floating in the paddling pool!

We have had lots of visitors today with it being John's birthday. My Dad popped round this morning with cards and then John's brother nipped round with cards too. My Grandma, Grandad and Auntie popped round then and stopped for drink and chat. Grandma and Grandad had forgotten John's birthday so they came with cake and chocolate to make it up to him LOL John's Mum, Dad and other brother, Nathan are coming round now so no doubt they'll have some pressies etc.

Then it will be BBQ time and Gareth and Christina will be joining us for that which will be nice.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Fun in the sun

I will upload some more later, it's running a little slow at the moment.

Here are some photos from earlier today. Ethan had a great afternoon playing in his paddling pool and dingy. He loved jumping in from his trampoline and relaxing in the dingy in there. John and my Dad joined him after the football and you wouldn't know who was the child. Had a BBQ after which was lovely and looking forward to another one tomorrow.

Earlier today Ethan went dancing and he did really well, especially in the first session - gym. He tried so hard at his roly polys and doing them through hoops too, also jumping, balancing and his stretches. On the way home I did the food shopping and got some photos developed to complete a few mini albums - I will upload them soon.

I went over to my friend Jane's on Thursday for lunch and Ethan had a fab time playing in her paddling pool she'd set up for him. Another of Jane's friends popped round later and Ethan enjoyed playing with her little girl in the paddling pool and on the trampoline.

On Friday after picking Ethan up from nursery we went shopping to get a few bits including something for John's birthday on Sunday and something for my hayfever which has been really bad this week. We then went over to Next and I ordered Ethan some flip flops, got him some summer sandal's and bought myself a dress. I can never get dresses to fit me so was so pleased when this fit and looked ok - it can also be worn over jeans so should get plenty of use out of it.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

So tired

I am still so exhausted from the weekend, it has been a real struggle at work to stay awake. I've finished work for the week now though so can try and recover. I went dancing last night (don't ask why!) and my legs were aching so much still from the weekend. We also watched back the team dance from the weekend as Clare had bought her camcorder along and recorded it. It was really good to watch back and amazing hearing all the cheers and support we got whilst we were dancing.

We are having a BBQ tonight so looking forward to sitting out in the garden in the sunshine. It's so nice to be able to sit out in the garden especially in the evening. I'm hoping the weather will stay this nice over the weekend too so Ethan can have his paddling pool out. He has been wanting to get the paddling pool out all winter and I kept saying when sun comes out and it is hot.

Here are two layouts I did last week. The first one is of Ethan with Olivia and Louise in our back garden last year. They all had a great time laying in the paddling pool and with the garden toys.

The second layout is from last year on holiday in Ingoldmells. Ethan loves to go and spend time at his Nanna and Grandad's caravan especially as there are all these great things to do.

It's another two layouts completed for Ethan's 2-4 year scrapbook album so it shouldn't be too much longer now till it's done.

Monday, June 05, 2006


Well I'm back from the dancing competition at Butlins and we won the adult team. We were all so excited and jumping up and down when we got 1st place. There were 6 teams altogether so we did so well to win. Some of the other team members came up to us and said how good they thought we were and how they'd not seen anything like that before - we did Riverdance and it's usually disco/street dancing. It was really nice of the other team members to say these things and shows we all did it for fun and enjoyed it. I had a fab time doing the dance but at one point couldn't hear the music the crowd were clapping and shouting so much. When we collected the trophies all the team wore t-shirts our dance teacher had made for us saying -
Karen passed away last year and it has not been the same without her. She was always part of the team and the most energetic one too, making all the jokes. She was a great friend and is sadly missed at dancing - what a great tribute to her winning this.

Anyway I'm ahead of myself and it has been a while since I posted on here. Friday morning was very busy trying to get packed and I had all my ironing to do. I dropped Ethan off at his Nan and Grandad's then went to Mansfield to picked Joy and Clare up. We arrived about 5:30/6pm at Butlins but it took us a while to get to the chalet as we had to check in. Some others we were sharing the chalet with had checked in before us so had the keys. When we got to the chalet though they weren't there and they weren't answering their mobiles. Anyway we finally got in and it was not the best of chalets and one less bedroom than we were expecting. Three people ended up sleeping in the lounge which was not ideal as it was quite small and not very clean and modern. We went out that night with lots of the women/Mum's from the dance school and had a fab night. I only had a couple of drinks unlike others as I didn't want to spoil the weekend.

The next morning we were up and ready early and over to the dance hall ready for the competition to start. The first event was all 17 dance schools each coming onto the floor for one minute and doing a little routine, me and Joy stood at the back holding a banner with the dance schools name on. For the rest of the day I watched all the children take part in the solo disco, street pairs and slow solo. It was great watching everyone and they all did so well.

It was then back to the chalet for something to eat and then back to the dance hall for the Supreme disco solo (very similar to the disco solo during the day but some extra prizes for 1st place). It was a great evening and a member of our dance school won the over 16's section. We then went out for a quick drink before coming back to the chalet.

It was a very hectic morning yesterday as I had to get all my things ready for the team Riverdance. The day before I could just take my handbag but I had to make sure I had everything with me. During the morning I watched the solo street dance, slow pairs and disco pairs which again was great to watch and lots from our school got to the finals. It was then time for the adult and child section which I had been volunteered to do with Lauren. We made up a little disco routine and I had feathers in my hair and some of Lauren's arm bands from the costume she was wearing. I had such fun doing this as it is ages since I've danced like that but I was REALLY out of breath by the end. Lots of people said how good I'd danced and that they hadn't realized I was so good :) and that we would get through the next round. Unfortunately we didn't get through to the next round which I thought we wouldn't but was disappointed for Lauren. They really really looking for the Dad's partnering their daughters and wearing outrageous outfits - which lots did. It was then the rock and roll and over 25's pairs street dance and child teams which was really fun to watch especially all the effort some of the street pairs went to.

We then did the adult teams and we were the third team to dance. I was a little nervous stood waiting but excited about doing it at the same time. I was just really worried about going wrong and just wanted it to go well. Luckily it went really well and I didn't go wrong - the rest you already know.

I then had to get changed, get back to the chalet and get all my things packed. Before I could leave we were having a photo with all the dance school and trophies that we'd won. I finally left about 8:30pm and got home about 10:30pm. I got straight in the bath when I got home and tried to get as much of the make up and glitter off as I could but that was easier said than done and I can still see bits of glitter on now!
I will upload some photos soon.