Thursday, February 28, 2008

Me and Flynn

I have only a handful of photos of me and Flynn so a few nights ago got John to take a couple of photos. The problem is I'm always behind the camera but really need John to take more so there are more photos of me and me with Ethan and Flynn. Otherwise there are going to be scrapbooks with photos of John in and not me. Here is one of the best photos:

I have managed to almost complete a couple of layouts tonight with this months Studio Calico kit. I just need to journal on them then I can upload - just one as the other has a friends child in.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


At the weekend we went out and got Flynn a Bumbo seat which he loves. He really enjoys being in it especially when Ethan is playing on the floor next to him. He loves to be around Ethan and watch him. It'll be great for him to sit in and play with his toys and when he's a little older to sit and have snacks in.

The cow in the second picture is one of Flynn's special toys and he is just starting to really take notice of it. Ethan had a very similar toy as a baby but it was a monkey and it went everywhere with him. The cow is a great little toy but you do find yourself singing along to the songs and talking it does - don't you love Vtech :)

I'm off to get Flynn weighed later as it's ages since I last got him weighed. I'm looking forward to seeing how much he weighs but he seems to be growing well.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


This morning I ended up at A&E with Ethan. He jumped yesterday and hurt his foot and wasn't putting any weight on it. So after no improvement this morning it was off to the local hospital. I thought he would need an x-ray so was pointless waiting to see the GP tomorrow although I didn't think he'd broken anything. He did need an x-ray which Ethan thought was great and loved it when the doctor showed him the x-rays of his foot - he wanted a picture to bring home! They are all computerised now so the doctor was zooming in and out on different parts of the foot - technology! Anyway nothing was broken but he needed a support bandage putting on and this has helped no end with his walking. I think he'll be back to normal in a few days. Here is a photo:

Poor Ethan has been full of cold too and it's particularly bad during the night. In the day time it has not bothered him as much just the odd sneeze and cough etc.

I managed to do a layout tonight of Ethan on Bonfire Night last year. I will upload tomorrow along with another layout I did last week.

Friday, February 22, 2008

So tired

I've been up early this morning fetching my brother and his girlfriend from the airport after a holiday in New York. Whilst they were there they got engaged and Laura has come back with a very nice engagment ring :) They've had a lovely time and spent LOTS of money but how can you not in New York. Roll on next April when we go to New York again.

I picked them up from Birmingham Airport and how things have changed since I was last there. You can't drive in front of the arrivals and departures now to drop off and pick up so the car park outside there is now a rapid drop off zone (used to be short stay). That doesn't mean it's free though - £1 for 20 minutes and £3 for EVERY 15 minutes after that. I couldn't decide where to park - rapid drop off, multi story or long stay. In the end I decided on long stay and this worked out great. Although it was a little way from the terminal there was a bus that took less than a minute which dropped and picked up right outside - and the best thing it was free to park in there for up to 1 hour and so easy to use. I think it must be a first getting free parking at an airport though!!!

I've not managed to scrap all week even though I've had things out ready to do. One thing I've been wanting to do for a while is a mini 2008 calendar Katy got me for Christmas. I have been thinking for a while what I wanted to do with it and now have a few ideas so want to get on and do it but time has just not allowed - may be later today. I did some layouts at the weekend though so will try and get them uploaded at some point, just need to photograph them. I've had both my Creating Keepsakes and Simple Scrapbooks magazines this week too so have lots of reading!

Here are a couple of photos of Flynn I took yesterday and one of Ethan taken last week whilst he was out with my sister and Mum - just so this post looks a bit more colourful and a little less like an essay!

I had a play around in Photoshop with the second - I really need to get to grips with that and make the most of it.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Second tooth

Flynn's got his second tooth on Friday, it had not come through in the morning but by the evening you could feel it. Here is my best attempt at a photo of his teeth:

I went to the Hobby Horse crop on Saturday morning and managed 3 layouts but just need to finish one of them off. I used February's Studio Calico kit for two of them and they came out ok. I just need to get some more photos printed off so I can scrap some more with the kit.

Here is a photo of Ethan and Flynn, not often I can get them both smiling!

My best friend had a baby boy last week so I have been up to see them a few times. He is gorgeous and they are all doing so well. On Wednesday morning me and Flynn are going to spend the morning with them which will be great.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My baby has a tooth!

Flynn is 15 weeks old and has his first tooth with the second not far behind! I've been wondering for a week or so if he was teething as he does not have his hands out of his mouth - see the layout below which I did over the weekend. I kind of thought it was quite early though and maybe there was just a little movement under the gums but then Ethan got teeth at 5 months. Yesterday though I could see and feel the two bottom teeth but they hadn't come through the gums yet but guessed they wouldn't be long. Then this morning one has appeared and so far they don't seem to have bothered him too much, although it explains why he has been a little more unsettled over the past few days.

Used Making Memories paper, Imaginisce flowers, American Crafts letters, Creative Cafe buttons and Scenic Route label.

Flynn also has his third lot of indections tomorrow, 3 in all so it is not going to be the best week for him. I have the Calpol ready for when it's needed!
Here are a couple more layouts I did over the weekend too:
Used Studio Calico Jan kit and added Making Memories journaling page and Creative Cafe button.
Used Making Memories paper and journaling page, Heidi swapp letters, Scenic Route journaling circle and Imaginisce flower.
It's half term and we have a busy week with appointments and meeting with friends and family. I could do with another week to fit everything in but at least Easter isn't too far away.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Back again!

Well I haven't been gone long so my aim to blog more is going well for now!!! I managed to do some scrapping last night and completed two layouts, I'm going to try and remember to photograph them tomorrow and then upload. I'm hoping to get another couple of layouts done over the weekend but think I need to get some photos printed out first.

At the weekend we went for a walk round the local Nature Reserve. It was so cold and windy but nice to get out - poor Flynn went to sleep after moaning a little at the wind! Here are a couple of photos:

I've also had a little photo shoot but it didn't quite go to plan! I managed to get a few good photos of Flynn but then he got a little unsettled. Didn't really get any good ones of Ethan and Ethan and Flynn together. Ethan just couldn't keep a straight face and Flynn was just too hungry so going to have another go this weekend to get one of them together. Here are a few of Flynn - he pulled some funny faces as you can see, he also sucks his fingers and hands a lot so was good to get photos of that:

Here is the best one of Ethan:
The blogger spell checker isn't working so if there are any funny spellings, that's why LOL

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Here are some layouts as promised! Some are quite recent ones from the past couple of weeks and some I did towards the end of last year but never uploaded them.

Birthday morning: This is Ethan on the morning of his birthday.
Electric scooter: Ethan trying out the electric scooter he got for his birthday - he had so much fun.
Used: Bazzill CS, Sweetwater PP and embellishments, Making Memories buttons and letter stickers, Heidi Swapp number letters, Imaginice flower and brad and Autumn Leaves stamp.

Missing tooth: Ethan lost his first tooth a few days after his birthday, he was so excited and put his little pot with his tooth in under his pillow.
Goose fair: Even though I was 8 + months pregnant we still went to Goose Fair, there was no way I was missing out! I couldn't go on any rides with Ethan but there was plenty of food to sample etc.
Used: Bazzill CS, Sweetwater PP and twill, American crafts letters, arrow and flowers, Making Memories buttons, Imaginice flower and Scenic Route label.

Brothers: This is Ethan with Flynn just after Flynn was born - holding him for the first time (I just need to add some jounaling).
Used: Crate Paper, Bazzil scalloped CS, American Crafts letters and Imaginice flower and brad.
Fast asleep: Flynn just looks so adorable when he is asleep so these are a few of my favourite photos of him asleep.
Used: Studio Calico kit.

Home: These are pictures taken just before we left hospital, I was so excited to be going home.
Photo Shoot: Katy took some photos of Ethan and Flynn for me and these are my favourites.
Used: Bazzill CS, October Afternoon PP and jounaling cards, American Crafts letters and arrow, Imaginice flowers and Creative Cafe buttons.

These are 3 of the Christmas layouts I did. The first 2 are Ethan and Flynn's visit to Santa which Ethan especially loved - he stood and talked to santa for quite a while. The 3rd is Flynn's 1st Christmas day which just needs a title adding - I thought I'd upload it now though!
Used: Bazzill CS and brad, Sweetwater PP, stickers and embellishments, American Crafts letters, Scenic Route letters and labels, Prima flowers, SEI buttons and a couple of embellishments from a previous Jenni Bowlin kit.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

I really need to blog more

I really do need to find the time to blog more. At one time I was managing to do it almost daily and really need to get back to doing it at least a couple of times a week. That might become a little easier soon as Flynn is now going to sleep earlier now so getting a little bit of time in the evenings.

Flynn is growing fast, I can't believe he is 14 weeks already - where did that go! He is doing new things all the time too and is such a happy little boy. At the moment he is loving music (being sung to), being spoken to, massage and his musical toys. He laughs and smiles lots and even rolled onto his side the other day!

I'm managing to get some scrapping done which is great as I have lots to do of flynn plus Ethan's. I'm not overly pleased with how some are turning out but at least I'm getting them done. I'm enjoying having the Studio Calico kit and looking forward to the next one, it looks lovely.

Here are a couple of photos of Ethan and Flynn and I'll try and remember to get my camera out tomorrow and photograph some recent layouts.

Ethan having fun playing in the conservatory.

This is a photo of Flynn when he was playing with his friends, he loved having the other babies around.

Flynn posing for the camera - shame his eyes are almost closed!

Flynn in his sit in baby gym, he loves it although he'll love it more when he figures out how you press everything.