Tuesday, November 29, 2005

First day

Well I thought I would start my own blog. I have enjoyed reading quite a few over the last month so thought I would give it ago.

I am off work this week and we are trying to get the house sorted for Christmas. We moved here in August and have such a lot of work to do. We will have finshed Ethan's room by the end of the week and the front room downstairs in a few weeks.

Today has been a hectic day. I helped at my son's nursery this morning which he really enjoyed. I sat at the computer for a while and also played dominoes with some of the children - they were really good. I also helped at PE, because they had an extra body they were able to have more apparatus out which was nice.

My husband then managed to put a nail through a central heating pipe whilst replacing some floorboards, it is all sorted now but at a price! Never mind it had been going smoothly up untill then.

Must go, a visit to Ikea is needed to get a mattress and some storage so we can get Ethan's room in order tomorrow after the carpet is fitted.


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