Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Must stop spending!!!

Well all I seemed to have done the past week is spend, spend, spend - not all scrapping stuff! My other order arrived from Every Moment Matters with my Bind it All wires and Teresa Collins Travel die cuts and bracket covers :) I used one set of the bracket covers straight away to finish off an album for my Dad's half sister who came up to stay a few weeks ago - my first project with my Bind it All. The album is about her visit and includes photo from her visit. I have left lots of space for journaling and my dad, other Auntie and Grandad are in the process of writing in it then it will be sent to her. Here is a photo of the front (can't include any more photos as i haven't permission from everyone in the photos):

Then on Sunday we went to Ikea and got all the furniture needed for my new scrap room and john put it together in the afternoon. I now just have to sort all my scrapping stuff out and find places for it all. I still need to get some storage boxes/baskets from Ikea to put things in but I wanted to start my sorting first so I'd know exactly what I'd need. Here is the furniture I got:
Yesterday I went shopping in town as there were quite a few things I needed. I managed to get almost everything which as was really pleased about - it doesn't happen often. I got myself some new clothes ready for when I start back at work later in the month. I also got birthday presents and presents for Ethan's teachers - they just needed altering a little :)
Then last night I ordered this stroller for Flynn ready for when we go to America. I wanted to get it now though so we can get some use out of it. I managed to get a really good deal on it - over £30 cheaper than the shops.


Kristii said...

Love your scrapping furniture!! Fantastic! Love your project too!! Awesome!! The stroller looks perfect a trip to America. What a great shopping weekend!!

Kathy said...

I do love IKEA...you can't beat it for the quality and the price. Look forward to seeing the completed room in due course. It will be a lovely space to have.

Denise said...

Love the album you did with your BInd it All. I have one and it sits taunting me. I need to bite the bullet and finally use it.

ricanlaw said...

I wanted to stop by and say Hi Lisa. Your stuff looks incredibly delicious. ;)