Thursday, February 05, 2009


Wow what a great week it has been with all the snow we've had (apart from having to drive in it to work earlier in the week!)

On Monday we got the first lot of snow and this was Flynn's first time in the snow! We went out onto the decking before Ethan went to school and both boys had lots of fun.

Flynn in the snow for the first time, he was quick to copy Ethan and try and make a snowball!

Ethan making snowballs and Flynn enjoying himself.

The boys playing together in the snow.

I finished work a little earlier than usual and went and picked the boys up. We then walked to the Weir field and met friends, the boys (and Mum's) had a great time sledging down the little hills! Flynn enjoyed sledging too and sat with Ethan on the sledge.

Ethan and Flynn sledging - fun!

Then today (Thursday) we woke to a lovely covering of snow and it was still snowing. We also found out that Ethan didn't have school as the teachers couldn't in - this was the best news, it meant we could go out and enjoy the snow. We headed out after breakfast, dropping Flynn off with my sister on the way - Flynn loved being pulled on the sledge on the way. We met some friends again at the Weir field and we built snowmen and went sledging down the little hills. We arrived home cold and wet but had a fab time.

Our back garden when we looked out of the window this morning.

Flynn enjoying pulled on the sledge.

On our way to the Weir and the Weir field.

Ethan having fun.

Ethan trying some different sledging positions!

Me and Ethan sledging and the snowman we built.


Helsbells said...

Cute pictures! Looks like you had loads of fun :)

Why does it never snow this badly when I'm at school so I can have a day off??!!!

AnnaMarie said...

Super FUN pics! Looks like they had a BLAST! :)