Monday, November 06, 2006

Catch up

Its been a while since I blogged, it's just been really busy with Halloween and Ethan starting back at school after half term.

Ethan loved Halloween this year and for the first time I took him out trick or treating. We went with one of his school friends and he loved it visiting friends, family and houses with pumpkins etc outside. He came back with a bag full of sweets and chocolates, it will take a while to get through them all. Here he is dressed in his skeleton outfit and with the pumpkin we did:

On Friday I met with some other local scrappers for coffee and it was great. We met at an Outlet Centre and took our scrapbooks along to share with everyone. I was a little late meeting everyone as I had an appointment at the hairdresser's but it wasn't too far away so worked out well. I also did a little shopping whilst I was there at the Cabury's shop and The Papermill!

On Saturday we went to watch some fireworks a short walk form where we live. They had a huge bonfire and the fireworks lasted for about half an hour. Ethan only just lasted to see them all as he was getting really restless - I think they went on a little too long really but shouldn't complain. Then yesterday John and Ethan had a little bonfire in the garden burning some old wood etc that has been lying around. We had jacket potatoes, marshmallows and spiced apple cider drink.

Ethan started back at dancing on Saturday, it was the first lesson since the show. He had a great time as always and has to practice his little solo routine that he does in his private lesson. I also ordered the DVD of the show so will hopefully get that this Tuesday or Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

Ethan looks unreal in his Halloween costume, love the pumkin.

I bet you had a lovely time scrapping.

Have a great week Lisa, and thankyou so very much for all the lovely comments on my blog, your really are lovely.

Best wishes