Saturday, January 06, 2007

We're back!

Here are the photos promised in my last post:

These were taken at Maymont Park, the first is of me, John and Ethan in the gardens and the second is of Maymont house. It's a great place with lots of different things to see and do. The park is 100 acres and has a Japanese garden, Italian garden, children's farm, Maymont house, nature centre and lots more. We had a lovely walk around and did a guided tour of the house which was really interesting.

On the way back from Maymont Park we went to Pony Pastures. This is a photo of Ethan at Pony Pastures with the James River in the background. In the summer when there hasn't been as much rain, there are huge rocks that you can walk on in the river and some people even sun bath on them.

Ethan enjoying his meal at TGI Fridays, he loved the carrots with ranch dip.

Ethan at Yankee Candle - he dipped loads as presents for everyone and loved it. He really got the hang of it in the end and did some lovely rainbow candles.

These photos were taken in Colonial Williamsburg and it was a fantastic place. Unfortunately we didn't have chance to go in the museums but enjoyed walking around. Next time we visit we'll spend a day or two there, Jamestown and Yorktown and get the pass to go in all the museums.

The flight home was pretty good and even landed early. Ethan was great on the plane and even managed to get some sleep. The photo is of him on the plane with his new BA teddy before going to sleep - he looks so tired on this photo.

I have been to the Hobby Horse crop today and also went last night. I managed to get 5 layouts done with photos from our trip to America that I got developed at Costco yesterday. Katy very kindly let me use her Cricut and I loved it, may need to start saving! Will upload some of the layouts tomorrow.

I'm still getting over the jet lag and just hope I'm ok for Monday when I start back at work. John and Ethan seem to be doing ok but I'm just not tired. Last night I didn't go to bed till around 2:30am and it's 12:30am now!


Katy said...

Great pics and fabulous memories. I'm looking forward to seeing your album come together. :)

Anonymous said...

*hugs* totally understanding jetlag... its tough.