Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas 2006

Well Christmas came and went and we had a lovely time. The tree looked lovely with all the presents under, there were so many! Ethan was really excited and loved having other children around who he could play with all his toys with etc. This photo is of Ethan infront of the Christmas tree before we started opening presents. What does he look like in those PJs - we got them a few days before Christmas!

I got an IPOD for Christmas alomg with some books, DVDs, scrapbooking stuff and other cool bits. I just need to get some music loaded to the IPOD once I get home as I only had a couple of CDs with me. I also got a thing for it which allows you to listen to it through your radio, that will be great when we are in the car as I don't have to have loads of CDs.

Boxing Day was spent chilling out and a little shopping (they don't have Boxing Day over here in America) in the sales. Last week we also vistited Maymont Park, Pony Pastures, Williamsburg and lots of other things as well as shopping! I will upload photos when I get back as everything is packed now.

Today I have been packing and we have done some last minute shopping. We are off out for a meal tonight at a pizza resturant near by which is a eat all you want. Then we leave my Auntie's around midday tomorrow to drop the car off. Our flight is at about 8pm and we'll land in England around 7am on Thursday. I just hope it all goes smoothly and there are no delays.


Katy said...

That's a cute pic of Ethan ... the tree looks fab with all the presents under it. I hope you have a great flight back and I'll speak to you at the end of the week. :)

Miss Sixty said...

Sounds like you've been having a great time, Lisa. Crop on Fri/Sat if you're not too jet-lagged!