Sunday, February 18, 2007

Its been a while

Progress is being made in our bedroom and it won't be long now till we're back in there. Tomorrow we are having a new window fitted then John will paint the room. We then just need the radiator putting back on (the guy who does it is on holiday for the next week!) and the carpet fitting. We finally got round to choosing the carpet and it's really nice but then it should be for what we paid!

Here are some updated photos of the room from the last few weeks:

Here are a few photos of Ethan whilst helping John! As you can see in the background the plaster has dried and the coving is up.

I went to the Hobby Horse crop on Friday and Saturday and had a great time. I manged to complete about 6 layouts so quite a productive weekend. My Big Picture Scrapbooking class is also going well and I'm still really enjoying it. I need to catch up on a few of the things but I have plenty of time and I've printed everything off. Over the last week I've done a few layouts, some Rolodex cards, decorated tag, card and a few other things. Today's task is to do a mini book which I'm really looking forward to doing. There is a free class on Big Picture Scrapbooking at the moment called Kid Perspective by Deanna Lambson so it's worth going and accessing it. I think there are a few others too if you look under classes then give it a try.

It's half term this week so I'm having Wednesday off. I was going to have the whole week off but Ethan wanted to go to his Grandparents so he's having a day at each. We'll then have the rest of the week to chill out, catch up with friends etc.

Ethan hasn't been very well over the weekend. He is full of cold and has had a cough and high temperature. I think it'll be a trip to the doctors and a day off work tomorrow if he is no better. I don't think he has ever suffered like he is at the moment with a cold. He has a constant runny nose, streaming red puffy dry eyes, high temperature, achy etc


Katy said...

Great pics of Ethan in the bedroom! I hope he is feeling better soon. :)

Kathy said...

Love the pictures. Look forward to seeing the finished result. Hope Ethan is on the mend.

scrumpy said...

Cool pictures of ethan!! The bedroom is really coming on. Bet you can't wait to move back in!!!