Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Huge progress has been made with our bedroom over the weekend and last couple of days. It has now all been plastered and should be dry ready for the weekend. John will then get the coving up and hopefully have time to paint it as well - really must get to B&Q and choose some paint!!!

Here are a few photos before plastering (I'll take some photos tomorrow in the daylight of after it was plastered and post them):

I have also signed up for the 28 Day class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I signed up a few days into it so am still catching up! So far I'm really enjoying it and have completed most of the daily tasks and photos.

Here is the journal I decorated:

Here are a few of the photos - My fridge and something you use everyday (my mobile!)

I was getting a bit fed up with my old ribbon storage so I've now got all my ribbons in these glass vases a got a while ago. Once I have my scrapping area up and running I think they'll look quite good :)

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Cath said...

Looking forward to seeing your after pictures!