Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Busy month!!!

I don't know where the time goes, I keep meaning to post but never get round to it. We've done lots of things over the past month:

- Had a weekend away at the coast - it mostly RAINED but we still had a nice break.
- I had a weekend away at Butlins at a dance festival. It was a great weekend and I really enjoyed taking part in the team dance I was in (only just learnt the routine after not going to the lessons due to being ill).
- Had half term week off work and did lots of things with Ethan. We mainly caught up with friends that we weren't able to see at Easter as I was in hospital.
- The babies room is now decorated, carpet in and furniture in. It's only a small room but it looks great and it's very useful being able to put all the baby bits in there so they're not cluttering the rest of the house - will post some before and after photos soon.

There has been lots of other stuff we've been doing but can't remember!

Had my 20 week scan at the hospital. I had to have a more detailed scan but everything was fine and we got to see a lots of the baby whilst it was being done (the scan pictures aren't very good though). I have been having quite a lot of back, hip and pelvic pain over the last month or so and finally got it checked out. It turns out I have SPD and have had some physio and now wearing a hip support - not looking forward to that on hotter days! Although the nausea is still there I'm a lot better, I think I'm just learning to live with it now and don't notice it as much. I will definitely have to have a section too due to complications in my previous section. I found out a lot about my previous section/delivery that I didn't know so it's definitely the best thing - will get a date at my next appointment with my consultant.

At the weekend I went cropping and did 8 layouts, I couldn't believe how many I managed to get done. It had a lovely time and was so pleased I got so many done. I will get them photographed and on my blog.

Back soon with photos etc

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