Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Look

I thought it was about time I changed the look of my blog and had a go at putting a photo on the banner. It wasn't easy getting it the right size and in the right place but with a little help from John I got there. I thought this photo was quite summery and hopefully Ethan will be able to go in the pool again very soon so thought I'd have this photo for a while!

We bought the pushchair earlier this week so it's seeming more real. We had decided on the Bebe Confort Loola pushchair after looking at several others - it was between this one and Silver Cross in the end. We managed to get a real bargain with it and basically got the car seat free which retails at £100. It is brand new and the colour we wanted, Oxygen Black, just need to get the footmuff for it now. Will have to take some photos and post.

Ethan came downstairs yesterday morning and tells me he has a wobbly tooth. I've been expecting this as when we were last at the dentist earlier in the year she said a couple of his teeth were loosening. He is really excited, especially about the tooth fairy and has a little wooden tooth pot to put it in so it can go under his pillow. It is one of his front bottom teeth but the one next to it feels loose too so it looks like they both might come out around the same time - must make sure I get a photo so I can do a scrapbook page!

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