Thursday, September 06, 2007

Where did the summer holidays go?

I can't believe Ethan is back at school already, it doesn't seem five minutes since the end of term in July. It's been a great summer catching up with friends and not having to rush around in the mornings.
Last week we went away for a few days to my Mum and Dad's caravan. It was a lovely break and we had such nice weather, it was great to get away and relax. Ethan had a fab time and loved being on the beach, he had so much fun. Here are a few photos including one of me and Ethan :)

This week Ethan has been back at school, he is now year 1 and in a new class. Although he was very unsure about his new class he seems to have settled in and is enjoying seeing his friends again.

It's his 6th birthday in a few weeks and all holidays he has been excited about giving out his invitations. We did this yesterday and he couldn't wait to go to school and give them out. He is having quite a big party as we are hiring a function room so have said he can have who he wants - not sure this was a good idea but as long as he has a good time then that's all that matters!

I'm now 32 weeks pregnant and probably have 7 weeks left till I have my C-section so time is really flying by. I have been off work the last two weeks and go back next week for my last week. It's going to be strange finishing work but in some ways I'm looking forward to it and have some major sorting out to do in the babies room so that should keep me busy for a few weeks. I hadn't planned on taking so much time off before the baby arrives but as I've got 5 weeks holiday left to use that I can't carry over so I thought this would be the best time so that's what I've done.

Things are really progressing with the conservatory but I'll leave that for another post and include some before photos and where we're at now.


Claire said...

Nice to see your bump :)
Are you cropping next month? Would love to see you before bubba comes along.

Kathy said...

Sounds like you had a great time away. Where is the time going?? Can't believe you have just 7 weeks to go! Hope you enjoy your final week of work, and are able to make the most of your time off before the baby arrives.

Katy said...

Great pics from your hols ... I look forward to seeing your finished holiday album. :)