Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ethan's 6th Birthday

Ethan had his 6th birthday last week and not sure where those last 6 years have gone. He had a great day and got lots of lovely presents, cards and money. He had thought he was going to buy an electric scooter with his birthday money but John's Mum and Dad got him one after asking us what Ethan wanted for his birthday. He loves the scooter and I have to say it's great, more than fast enough and a bargain at £25.99!

Out of some of his birthday money Ethan got a watch that projects the time. His friend has one and he loved it so treated himself to one. At the moment it goes everywhere and keeps telling us what the time is! The rest of his money has gone into his bank account - he must have more savings than us LOL

We went out for a meal when John got home and took one of Ethan's friends with us. He had wanted to take another friend too but because of where we were going he couldn't come (food allergy). We had a lovely carvery meal which is one of Ethan's favourites and Ethan and his friend had a ice cream sundae after.

He had his party on Saturday before and loved every minute of it. I was totally shattered after having catered for and supervised around 40 children!!! It did go well though considering how many were there and I had some great help from a few close friends and John.

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Claire said...

You're mad catering for and running a party for that many kids at this stage in your pregnancy! Glad Ethan had a good day xx