Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Maternity leave

I am now on maternity leave and I'm not sure where the time is going. Its already been over 3 weeks and I have just been so busy with one thing or another. I have felt a lot more tired recently and after a telephone call from the doctor at the end of last week I now know why - I'm anaemic! I really hate taking iron tablets and they just don't agree with me but it has to be done.
I have been doing quite a lot of baking the last week and have been trying out various loaf cakes from Nigella Lawson's the Domestic Goddess. I love this book and how it is laid out and a lot of the recipes are really quite simple with out too many fancy ingredients. So far the lemon drizzle cake has been the most popular with the chocolate one coming a close second.

Ethan lost his first tooth a few days after his birthday and was so excited after it had been wobbly for ages. He put it in his little tooth box and left it for the tooth fairy, who surprise, surprise left him some money :) The tooth next to that is is wobbly but think it will be a little while before that's out.

The conservatory is coming on and all the brick work is done now. We have ordered all the glass so once that has arrived we can arrange for the fitted to come and do it. In the mean time John is starting work on the back room and that should be done just in time for the baby arriving. That will give us more room to spread baby things and Ethan's toys around! Plus I can have a little scrapping area too :)


Kathy said...

Enjoy your leave Lisa! Ethan looks like he enjoyed his birthday, and the tooth fairy's visit.

Katy said...

Great pics of Ethan minus his tooth! I hope the work on the house continues to go to plan. :)