Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Well it's been a while since I posted but I'm going to try and get back into blogging on a regular basis - well when Flynn gets into a better routine in the evenings! We have had a lovely Christmas and kept very busy.

This is Ethan and Flynn visiting Santa the weekend before Christmas. Santa spent quite a while talking to Santa telling him what he would like and that Flynn would like some presents too :)

Christmas Eve Ethan watched a movie (Polar express) with John whilst i got last minute wrapping done! Then it was bath time and getting everything ready for Santa. I got the plate you can see in the photo just before Christmas and Ethan was able to write on it (it wipes off ready to use next year). We also put Santa's mince pie, beer and the reindeer's carrot's on there.

Ethan helped Flynn open his presents Christmas morning and was very good at showing Flynn them. In the photo Ethan is opening one of Flynn's presents from his stocking and showing it to him.

This is Flynn in his Christmas nightwear - a My First Christmas baby grow and hat. He only wore the hat for the purpose of the photo LOL - he looks very cute.

This is Ethan after opening his bike that Santa left in the conservatory for him. He was so excited when he saw Santa's snowy foot prints under the backroom curtains leading to the conservatory. He tore the wrapping paper off with such excitement to reveal his new bike.

Ethan enjoying Christmas dinner, there was so much that we had left overs on Boxing Day too.

Flynn playing under his new baby mat/gym that he got for Christmas. He absolutely loves it and smiles away at the toys above him.

Flynn fast asleep after a busy Christmas Day opening presents!!!

I will post more photos in the next few days of what we got up to over Christmas.

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Kathy said...

You've some lovely pictures and stories there Lisa. Flynn looks so like Ethan - there's no mistaking they are brothers. Glad Ethan likes his new bike. You conservatory looos really nice too, from the bike photo.