Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bad blogger

I let time pass by again, it just seems to have been a very busy month.

It was my birthday a few weeks a go and I got a DSLR - Canon EOS 400D with 70-300 lens and memory card. I've been wanting one for ages so I was super excited :) I've enjoyed using it and the quality of the photos is amazing - I've only got as far as auto at the moment! I got birthday money too so got a UV filter for one lens and getting one for the other lens this weekend. Also got a camera bag and CD and still deciding what to spend the rest on.

Another great present was what Katy got me - a class with Teresa Collins next month. It looks a fab class and should be a great. We are staying in a hotel that night so will probably go out for dinner too so really looking forward to it.

Ethan is good and enjoying playing on Mario Kart on the Wii (another of my birthday presents). He's also busy at school at the moment with lots of after school activities. Ethan has managed to talk John into putting the trampoline up at the weekend, weather permitting so fingers crossed - I can't wait to have a go LOL

Flynn hasn't been well the past week but seems to be getting better now. He's had a virus and has had high temperature and been very grumpy and off his food. he started solids a few weeks a go and it was going really well untill he became ill. Hopefully we'll get back on track in the next few days as he was really enjoying it. He has enjoyed various fruits and vegetables, porridge, yoghurt and many finger foods and doesn't seemed to have disliked any.

A few photos from the past month:

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Kathy said...

Beautiful photos Lisa. I can't believe how quickly Flynn is growing up. Hope you are getting chance to enjoy your "new toy"!