Friday, August 08, 2008

The boys

Some recent photos of the boys:

We went to TGI's as a treat for Ethan as he got such a fantastic school report, we had a great meal.

Flynn has been pulling himself to stand for a while now and gets himself into all sorts of places! He is also able to sit on his little bike now and keep himself on, lots of fun especially when Ethan is pushing him!

Ethan at Sports Day, they did an Olympic games event where all the children were split into 4 different countries. They then all did the various events and the children that came 1st, 2nd and 3rd place got points. The points were then added together and the countries placed in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Ethan also went to his first football match which he was super excited about, it was a great game - Nottingham Forest v Everton - and the result was a draw so at least he saw some goals scored!

Flynn is so active and strong, here he is pulling himself up on his pushchair and climbing the stairs (supervised of course) - at 8 months!

We went to The Black Country Museum a few weeks back, Ethan loves history so the perfect place for him to visit. It was a great day but VERY hot and we're looking forward to going again when it's not too hot. Ethan in the old school writing and playing a game - from the "olden days" as Ethan would say LOL

Flynn and Ethan at The Black Country Museum.

Not a sight you often see now, Ethan asleep in the car. Fortunately I'd just been to visit a friend and her new baby so had my camera on me to capture both boys fast asleep in the car as we arrived home.

Just love this first photo of Flynn, going to get this framed probably in B&W. The other is of Flynn being trapped in and prevented from going upstairs by another stair gate - the other is upstairs and I think we may need another for the kitchen - he loves to open cupboards etc and follow me around!

Ethan on the monkey bars - I had no idea he was able to do this till we went to the park last week. It's quite high so was surprised to see him up there!


It's Me SW said...

Great pictures! Thanks for posting.

Kristii said...

Such cute photos!!! Lots of scrappy possibilities!! Have a great weekend!

Denise said... have lot of great photos for those upcoming layouts. Your children are adorable!

Close To Home said...

Kids can totally suprise you with their abilities. Yeah for your DS on the monkey bars! Your pics are soooo sweet of your boys.

Kelly said...

Love the pics.
Have a great weekend,
Kelly xxx