Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Where did the time go?

I can't believe it's the end of the summer holidays already and Ethan starts back at school tomorrow, he'll be in year 2 - last year of infants. Everything is ready and I'll just spend a little time later sorting it all out so it's ready by the door for the morning.

At the weekend we went to Warwick Castle, somewhere we have planned to go all summer and we finally fitted it in. The day didn't get off to a great start with poor Flynn being stung by a wasp on his lip. It was a little worrying to start with as it swelled up (as you can see in the photo) very quickly and he seemed to be struggling to eat. By the end of the day the swelling had gone and down and he was back to his normal self. Ethan enjoyed doing and seeing various things at the Castle and was a lovely way to end the summer.
Here are some photos from Warwick Castle:
Flynn after he was stung by a wasp.
Ethan inside the Castle and walking along the Castle.
Ethan by the fountain and with Flynn in the gardens.
Birds - they are beautiful.
Ethan with the Castle in the background and me with my boys.
I will be back tomorrow with some layouts.


Lauren said...

Adorable photos! My daughter got stung by a wasp last week too!! One side of her face blew up like a balloon..Luckily she is much better now.
Have a great day!

Larajc said...

Poor ouchy on the lip. Hope it looks worse than it feels! Love the castle photos!

Rita said...

Oh, poor litle guy! That must have hurt! Love your pictures from your day trip, especially the peacock! TFS!

Susan Beth said...

Ouch! Shame on that wasp! Looks like a fun day though!