Tuesday, November 04, 2008

September 2008

It really has been so long since I last updated that I'm just going to do a quick round up of the previous months then try and get back on track!

September was the start of the next school year and Ethan is now a year 2, can't believe next year he will be in junior school! It was also his 7th birthday and he had a great time and enjoyed having a few friends round for a little party. Here are just a couple of photos from the day:

Blowing out the candles on his cake.

Opening his new red Nintendo DS. He used his birthday money to get this and thought he'd have to wait till after to get it but I bought it before for him so he could have it on his birthday - he was VERY happy.

One of his other birthday presents was a skateboard, something he has wanted for a long time. The day after his birthday he tried it out in the garden.

September also saw Flynn start at the childminders 2 days a week. He has settled in so well and wouldn't even wave to me on his first day!

We had a day out in Skegness at the end of September, it was a lovely day if not a little cold. Ethan had been wanting to go in the summer holidays but we never got round to it with all the other summer activities we had planned.

John, Ethan and Flynn on the beach, just before burying Ethan in the sand!
Ethan joining Flynn on one of the little rides - Flynn loved going on a few of these little rides.
I started back at work with my proper hours since starting back after maternity leave. During the last week in July and through August I was doing my hours over 2 days instead of 3 so i could have more time with the boys during the holidays. My usual hours allow me to still be able to take and pick Ethan up from school which is why I spread them over 3 days.
Also this month I have a slightly new hair style, a different colour through my hair and I'm now growing my fringe out - I'm really liking the new colours this time.
I had a great girly night out at the beginning of the month to say goodbye to a good friend who is off to live in New Zealand. It was a lovely night and great to get together with everyone. My friend then went at the end of the month to New Zealand with her family.

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