Thursday, December 11, 2008

October 2008

This was the month Flynn turned one - where did that year go?! The day of his birthday was lovely and very relaxed. He opened all his in the morning with a little help from Ethan. We then went and had some photos of the boys took as I've been wanting a nice photo of them both to go on the wall. Later in the day family arrived with their presents for Flynn and we had a birthday cake for him that we did when we had our tea.

Flynn opening and playing on his main present from us - a battery operated bike and he loves it and figured out how it worked straight away.

Flynn enjoying his birthday presents from his grandparents.

Flynn enjoying his birthday cake.

We decided to have a party for him with all his friends and family the weekend after his birthday. It was a great party and apart from a bit of a rush just before the party started it went really well.

Flynn and Ethan enjoying the party and Flynn blowing his candle out - sort of!

The presents Flynn got - need I say any more!

We went to Goose Fair earlier in the month as we always do and it was Flynn's first time. We took the back carrier instead of trying to get the pushchair through all the crowds and it was great. Flynn loved all the lights, music and watching the rides. Ethan as always had a great time and enjoyed the rides and some food/treats!

Flynn in his back carrier and Ethan on one of the rides he went on.
At the end of the month it was Halloween and Ethan was really looking forward to it especially going out trick or treating. Both boys had new outfits this year and looked great, both loved wearing them.
Spider Flynn and Pirate Ethan.

Some random October photos:

Flynn fast asleep in his pushchair.

Flynn emptying the DVD shelves as he does several times a day!
Flynn just looking cute in the winter hat I got him - I love it and Flynn loves pulling it off.

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