Sunday, July 01, 2007

Baby buying :)

I've been spending again and I'm loving every minute of it - even John doesn't say a word now, just lets me get on with it :) On Friday I went shopping in town and nipped into Gap as there was a few things I wanted to get along with a pressie for my cousin's baby (he was born on Friday and we're waiting to hear what she has called him). There was a sale on and I got some lovely things including vests, baby all-in-one, hat, teddy, plus a couple of pressies. I also went in John Lewis as they had the baby carrier I wanted with about £12 so thought I would get it whilst it's on offer.

I took some maternity cropped jeans back that I got a few weeks ago as they didn't really fit very well. They had a sale on so got a pair of combats and a top for less than the jeans I took back. I've just about got all the clothes I need to get me through till October apart from maybe a couple of tops depending on the summer weather! I've got a mix of maternity clothes and normal clothes, it just depended on the style of the clothes.

Yesterday I spent a lot of the day sorting the babies room out and Ethan's old baby clothes. We had to nip out to get a few bits so whilst we were out I picked up some underbed storage. I had decided on Ikea storage but with the sizes I wouldn't have got as much. Once home I put the clothes in two of the boxes, one with the older baby stuff and the other with the boys stuff ( if it's a girl then the boys stuff can then go). The other box is for bedding and bath towels, there are a couple of bits in there but will fill that up over the coming months as I get the sheets, blankets etc that we need. Here is the cot with the underbed storage, I think it will work really well.

I also had a little reorganisation of the drawers so that there will be enough space for everything i want to keep in there.
The white teddy is what I got from Gap on Friday whilst shopping, I will take this into hospital with me for the baby (Ethan had a teddy we took in too). The other teddy's are what Ethan has bought for the baby, they are so soft and suitable from birth.
We also picked up a baby swing last night as the one Ethan had when he was a baby broke. It was a real bargain and virtually as new plus it's Graco and almost identical to the one Ethan had. As you can see Ethan has enjoyed putting some of his teddy bears in the swing and pushchair.

Here is the pushchair (sorry not very good photos) - one with the carseat and the other with the pushchair seat on. There is also a hood and rain cover that comes with it and we need to buy the footmuff.

We then went to a party in the evening as my friend is back from Dubai for a few weeks where she now works. It was great to see her again although we didn't really get chance to chat as she had all her friends and family there. Hopefully we are going to meet before she goes back for a chat as she is not back then until Christmas.

Today I have been sorting Ethan's room out which is well over due but there is still lots of sorting to do just need some storage boxes etc form Ikea. He had too many clothes on his wardrobe hanging rail so I put most of his winter clothes in one of his drawers and got rid of any clothes that were too small. I also did a little sorting of his wardrobe shelves and drawer and they are now ready for things to go in and storage boxes. Once that is all sorted then it will be onto the toys - that is where I'm sure Ethan will have something to say as he hates getting rid of things!

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