Saturday, August 26, 2006

Busy week

Had a bad week at work this week, there are just so many changes going on plus the continuing staff shortages. I will be so glad when things settle down and things get back to normal.

Had a lovely day on Thursday meeting up with Jane. We had lunch there and Ethan had a great time playing with her children, as he always does.

On Friday I went shopping with Ethan to get the last of his school things. As you can see we did quite well and get almost everything, shoes, plimsolls, more trousers, socks etc.

Friday night when John got home from work we went to Costco and spent a small fortune! I managed to get lots of Christmas shopping done - I know it's early but with going to America in December I need to be organised. We also got Ethan a fab winter coat for just £10 which will be ideal for school, it will be great for when we're in America too. I love that shop :)

Today I went shopping to get Ethan an outfit for his birthday party in September, got some great jeans and top from Next but will need to get a bigger size in the top even though it's a size 5. Also got a new work top for me which I've needed for a while, will just need some winter stuff for work next pay day. As Ethan was with John I took the opportunity and got a few bits for Ethan for his birthday and some wrapping paper.

This afternoon we went to our favorite place Nottingham Reclaims and spent even more money, we can not go to this place without spending! We got a coffee table which is probably Georgian for the lounge which will finish that room off now. We then saw a lovely original fire insert, a pine surround and hearth so got that as well for the back room. I also saw a lovely black bedroom fire/surround so we are probably going to get that tomorrow when we go back to pick the other stuff up, it will look great in our bedroom. I will take some photos and post them in the next day or so, the coffee table needs a lot of work doing to it so will do a photo now and then one when it's been sanded and waxed.

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Suzanne said...

oh bless, let us see photos of Ethan in all his uniform. Josh looked so cute, I remember it well. He starts High School this time, talk about time flies!