Sunday, August 27, 2006

Spend, Spend, Spend.

We really need to stop! We went back to Nottingham Reclaims today and got the coffee table, fire insert, surround and hearth. We also got the bedroom fire/surround whilst we were there so really pleased with that. Everything's going to look great once it's in place and John will get his open fire in the back room, think he will make getting that in for the winter a priority.

When we arrived home there was a stray cat waiting for us. The poor cat was just skin and bones but very friendly. I'm not usually a cat lover but have really taken to it. We fed it some dry cat food and the poor cat was so hungry.

It was then time to set off for my Grandma and Grandad's as we were having dinner there and we only just got there on time. We had a lovely Sunday roast and as always Ethan ate loads and more dessert than any of the adults! We all get fed well when we go so really look forward to it and gets to play in the garden and have a look at the fish in the pond.

Off out to friends tonight and we are going to get an Indian, really looking forward to it but just hope I can eat some after the Sunday roast!

Will post some photos tomorrow of the bedroom fire/surround and coffee table, the other stuff is wrapped up so probably won't be able to get photos of them at the moment.

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