Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Its been so long

Can't believe how long it has been since I last posted. It's not a bad thing time is flying by though, means our holiday is getting closer. I have been so busy getting getting the last few presents (mostly John's), presents wrapped, cards wrote, buying things we need for America and putting things in suitcases that we are going to need for the holiday. I'm going to need the holiday by the end of next week.

The next few weeks are going to be even busier with all the finishing off and delivering of presents. We also have Ethan's school play and disco, football presentation, a birthday party, meeting up with friends, family round for an early Christmas, and so much more. I also have my work meal out this week and John is out for a meal with his friend too. Then next week I'm having my hair coloured and cut which I'm looking forward to but will take up a whole morning the day before we fly.

Haven't managed to do much scrapping apart from a few pages in my America journal, I really need to get the last few pages done before we go so I don't have any catching up to do whilst I'm there.

I have been ordering a few things and had them delivered to America ready for when I get there. My Sweetwater Christmas Kit has already arrived and is all ready for the Christmas layouts. I also ordered the Jenni Bowlin Kit this month along with a few other bits from her new site. I also have a couple of stamps from Catslife Press that will be waiting for me too - I love these stamps and only just had some delivered last week! Think I am going to order form A Peek Into Yesterday too so I have cardstock and a few extras ready. Then I will go scrapbook shopping too :)

It's late soI'm off to bed but I'll update again soon - before I go away. I will also update my blog whilst I'm away with photos etc.

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