Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Great Wolf Lodge

On Friday 22nd December we headed out to Great Wolf Lodge which is a huge indoor water park. It's in Williamsburg about an hour and fifteen minutes away from my Auntie's house. We could use the pool from 1pm so planned to arrive for that time but stopped off at IHOP on the way. We all had a fab late breakfast with hash browns, egg, bacon, sausage, pancakes and fruit.

The place was fantastic, like a huge log cabin - the photo is of the main entrance. We went straight to the water park and spent about three hours in there. We went in the wave pool, rapids, the big water fun house, on all the various slides - and there were a lot. Some of the slides you went in little dingy's, single or double, others had rafts that four people could go in and then little children's slides. Ethan loved all the slides especially the fast ones, he was not able to go on the fastest though - the Howlin Tornado. It was fantastic fun but a little scary at times especailly if you were sitting backwards in the raft!

We then went to the room which was great, it had a log cabin within the room with bunk beds and single bed for the children - they loved it. In the evening there were a few activities for the children to do and a little arcade so we spent some time doing that. Santa was also there so Ethan went and had his photo taken with him. Then the me and my Auntie went shopping to the local Warmart whilst everyone else went back into the pool.

The following we were back in the pool, although we had to check out by 11am we were able to use the water park till 10pm. We managed to stay till 3pm by which time we were all exhausted. On our way back home we went to the Yankee Candle Store in Williamsburg where they have ahuge store and it's made up just like Christmas inside. You were also able to make your own candles which was lots of fun. Ethan loved dipping them into all the different colours. We then drove through Colonial Williamsburg which looked lovely, lots of historic buildings and colonial sites. We are hoping that we will be able to vist there before we go home.

Whilst at the water park you could hire a water camera for free then have the photos put on a CD at the end. These are some of the photos:

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Katy said...

Glad you all enjoyed Great Wolf Lodge, it looks like a fabulous place and what a great idea about the water camera ... you got some good pics of Ethat with it. :)