Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunny day

Well as the sun came out today we got the pool out for Ethan. He has been so desperate to have it out but with the bad weather we have not had it out this year yet. He was really excited and had his new swimming shorts on before the pool had been blown up! He had lots of fun with his dingy and ring in the pool and used his trampoline to bounce and jump in. He even managed to get John in by the end of the afternoon even though he had a headache!

I didn't get my camera out but got lots of footage on the video camera - we're really making an effort to use it more as it is great to look back at. We have recently put all our camera tapes onto DVD and have enjoyed watching them back especially from when Ethan was young. It has made us realise how valuable this is and we are so glad we used it. I'd have liked to have got more though of when Ethan was young so will learn and get plenty with this baby when he/she arrives.

Ethan enjoyed cooking tea with John this afternoon. Ethan loves to get in the kitchen with his apron on and help chop and mix food. They cooked Toad in the Hole, something Ethan really enjoyed when we had it a few weeks ago and asked to have it again. While they were at it they also cooked a Spaghetti Bolognese for tomorrows tea to save cooking - the vegetables are very chunky so I hope they cooked ok! This is a photo of Ethan helping cut the sausages just before the batter mix goes in :)

I finished a layout I started a few nights ago yesterday which I'm really pleased with. It's one for Ethan's album and I have almost caught up on this album which I started from when he was 5. I also did a layout for my pregnancy album today which is now up to date. Well with the photos that I had developed. I just need to get some more photos developed so think I will have another 3 layouts to do, so not too bad.

I have also had an idea for another album after finding some epoxy stickers I bought a while ago today. They are KI Memories epoxy stickers that have the months of the year, letters and more. I thought I'd do a 6x6 album for the first year of the babies life and try and get the pages done before October then I can just add the journalling and photos. I am waiting for the latest Sweetwater kit which I'm hoping will match with the stickers, if not then I'll need to find some patterned paper that would be suitable for a boy or girl.

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