Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sports Day

Yesterday was Ethan's sports day and fortunately the weather stayed dry so it could go ahead. He was really excited about it and asked me in the morning if I could video him - I told him I would but was going to anyway. He was one happy little boy after winning both his races, he said he'd be the fastest and he was!!! Here are a couple of photos, the first is the running race and the second is the obstacle (not sure what's going on with his legs):

It was the summer fair after too so Ethan enjoyed having a go and the tombola and some of the little games etc they had. We then went and met his new teacher and I have arranged to see her next week to have a chat.

Then it was Ethan's football presentation so it was a quick change when we got home from school and out of the house again. They played some football matches before the presentation and then they gathered us all round for the presentation. Ethan was very pleased with his certificate and trophy and they are now on the fireplace where everyone can see them. Here is a photo of Ethan going up to collect his certificate and trophy and one of him holding them:


Katy said...

Great photos ... looks like Ethan had a fun day. :)

We have got Sports Day tomorrow, weather permitting with a BBQ and Olivia's Gymnastic demo afterwards!

Kathy said...

Looks like you had a busy fun-filled day. Well done to Ethan on all his sporting achievements :)