Friday, July 06, 2007

School report and new class

Ethan got his school report today and found out that he would have a new teacher next year. There are going to be two classes with year 1 in and in some ways I'm a little disappointed in the one he's in. If I'm totally honest I don't think I would have been 100% happy which ever class he'd have been in. He will not be in the same class as one of his closest friends and I'm really upset about that. I think Ethan would have benefited from being in the other class as there are more of his friends that are a good influence. In the class he is going to be in it's the opposite but on the other hand maybe the teaching style of the new teacher may suit him better. Who knows anyway, Ethan is happy and it's never easy being a parent especially when you're not the one making the decisions - glad I got that off my chest!!!

Here is a photo of Ethan taken yesterday after his long over due hair cut, he looks so different.

I ordered a couple of scrapbooking bits from A Million Little Things yesterday and can't wait for them to arrive. I've been wanting to get some of the Making Memories Travel range after seeing Katy's. When they arrive I'm going to do a 6x6 album with everything for when we go on holiday at the end of August. We are going to my Mum and Dad's caravan for a weeks break before Ethan is back at school and the baby arrives. They will be selling it once we've been in so I thought it'd be nice to have a good record of being at the caravan as Ethan has had so many happy times and memories there. After seeing so many travel albums/journals (and doing my own for our trip to America) recently, including Katy's, I thought this would be a great idea. I'm planning on either buying a portable photo printer or borrowing my sister's so that I can complete the album whilst I'm there - will do the page layouts hopefully before I go so it will just be a case of putting in the photos and journalling.

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Katy said...

Sorry to hear you aren't entirely happy with what class Ethan will be in next year, but I'm sure he will be fine! When I was having all those problems in Reception when we moved, the troublesome teacher told me to 'trust her' and I wanted to bash her around the head, but Olivia has excelled this year with a good teacher and so maybe (and hopefully) it will be ok.

But I know exactly how you feel and I think you hit the nail on the head by saying that it is hard having someone else making the desisions about your child instead of you. I find that very hard too.

Great pic of Ethan ... he looks very smart with his new hair cut!!