Tuesday, November 13, 2007

3 weeks old

The conservatory is up and looks great, so much bigger now all the glass etc is in. Once I've took a photo, I'll upload it. We're just got the inside to finish ready for Christmas :)

Flynn is 3 weeks old now and I can't believe how quick its gone. John went back to work this week so I have been on my own. Its not been too bad and I've managed to get Ethan to school on time everyday so far.

Flynn has been a little unsettled as he has a cold which has got worse the last day, I just hope it clears soon.

I had a couple of little "photo shoots" last week. I wanted to get a nice photo of Flynn for the birth announcement/than you cards and also a nice photo of Ethan and Flynn. Here are some of my favourites:

I love these 2 photos and I used the second one for the cards.

I love this one of Flynn yawning, so cute.

This is Ethan and Flynn, I just love the way they are looking at each other.

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kdarling@atlas.co.uk said...

Argh they're such cute photos ... I love the yawning one and that's a great photo of the 2 brother together!

I'm glad the conservatory is coming along and I hope Flynn is feeling better very soon. :)