Friday, November 09, 2007


The conservatory frame, glass etc has been delivered and is being put in this weekend. It's really exciting to see it all come together now after all John's hard work. Once it's up John will then have a good weekends work to finish off the inside - plaster boarding (then get the plasterer in), skirting, window sills, electric sockets, lighting, radiator, painting and flooring. It will all be done in time for Christmas so we won't be short on space to put all the toys etc that Ethan and Flynn will no doubt get! Here is a photo of the brick work part done (there was another row of bricks all round and the wall on the left being built right up).
I'll upload a photo of the conservatory with all the glass etc tomorrow. I'll also upload some photos of the before and after of the backroom now that's finished.

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Katy said...

Hope it's all going well this weekend ... I look forward to seeing your pics with all the glass up. :)