Tuesday, February 26, 2008


At the weekend we went out and got Flynn a Bumbo seat which he loves. He really enjoys being in it especially when Ethan is playing on the floor next to him. He loves to be around Ethan and watch him. It'll be great for him to sit in and play with his toys and when he's a little older to sit and have snacks in.

The cow in the second picture is one of Flynn's special toys and he is just starting to really take notice of it. Ethan had a very similar toy as a baby but it was a monkey and it went everywhere with him. The cow is a great little toy but you do find yourself singing along to the songs and talking it does - don't you love Vtech :)

I'm off to get Flynn weighed later as it's ages since I last got him weighed. I'm looking forward to seeing how much he weighs but he seems to be growing well.

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ricanlaw said...

He looks so adorable in that seat!