Friday, February 08, 2008

Back again!

Well I haven't been gone long so my aim to blog more is going well for now!!! I managed to do some scrapping last night and completed two layouts, I'm going to try and remember to photograph them tomorrow and then upload. I'm hoping to get another couple of layouts done over the weekend but think I need to get some photos printed out first.

At the weekend we went for a walk round the local Nature Reserve. It was so cold and windy but nice to get out - poor Flynn went to sleep after moaning a little at the wind! Here are a couple of photos:

I've also had a little photo shoot but it didn't quite go to plan! I managed to get a few good photos of Flynn but then he got a little unsettled. Didn't really get any good ones of Ethan and Ethan and Flynn together. Ethan just couldn't keep a straight face and Flynn was just too hungry so going to have another go this weekend to get one of them together. Here are a few of Flynn - he pulled some funny faces as you can see, he also sucks his fingers and hands a lot so was good to get photos of that:

Here is the best one of Ethan:
The blogger spell checker isn't working so if there are any funny spellings, that's why LOL

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