Friday, February 22, 2008

So tired

I've been up early this morning fetching my brother and his girlfriend from the airport after a holiday in New York. Whilst they were there they got engaged and Laura has come back with a very nice engagment ring :) They've had a lovely time and spent LOTS of money but how can you not in New York. Roll on next April when we go to New York again.

I picked them up from Birmingham Airport and how things have changed since I was last there. You can't drive in front of the arrivals and departures now to drop off and pick up so the car park outside there is now a rapid drop off zone (used to be short stay). That doesn't mean it's free though - £1 for 20 minutes and £3 for EVERY 15 minutes after that. I couldn't decide where to park - rapid drop off, multi story or long stay. In the end I decided on long stay and this worked out great. Although it was a little way from the terminal there was a bus that took less than a minute which dropped and picked up right outside - and the best thing it was free to park in there for up to 1 hour and so easy to use. I think it must be a first getting free parking at an airport though!!!

I've not managed to scrap all week even though I've had things out ready to do. One thing I've been wanting to do for a while is a mini 2008 calendar Katy got me for Christmas. I have been thinking for a while what I wanted to do with it and now have a few ideas so want to get on and do it but time has just not allowed - may be later today. I did some layouts at the weekend though so will try and get them uploaded at some point, just need to photograph them. I've had both my Creating Keepsakes and Simple Scrapbooks magazines this week too so have lots of reading!

Here are a couple of photos of Flynn I took yesterday and one of Ethan taken last week whilst he was out with my sister and Mum - just so this post looks a bit more colourful and a little less like an essay!

I had a play around in Photoshop with the second - I really need to get to grips with that and make the most of it.

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