Sunday, February 24, 2008


This morning I ended up at A&E with Ethan. He jumped yesterday and hurt his foot and wasn't putting any weight on it. So after no improvement this morning it was off to the local hospital. I thought he would need an x-ray so was pointless waiting to see the GP tomorrow although I didn't think he'd broken anything. He did need an x-ray which Ethan thought was great and loved it when the doctor showed him the x-rays of his foot - he wanted a picture to bring home! They are all computerised now so the doctor was zooming in and out on different parts of the foot - technology! Anyway nothing was broken but he needed a support bandage putting on and this has helped no end with his walking. I think he'll be back to normal in a few days. Here is a photo:

Poor Ethan has been full of cold too and it's particularly bad during the night. In the day time it has not bothered him as much just the odd sneeze and cough etc.

I managed to do a layout tonight of Ethan on Bonfire Night last year. I will upload tomorrow along with another layout I did last week.

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