Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ethan's birthday party

Ethan had his birthday party yesterday and it was fantastic. We hired a bouncy castle for the day and fire engine for his party. The children had half and hour to play on the bouncy castle before the fire engine arrived. The children were so excited and all went running to the door when it arrived. The fireman bought all the hats and fireman outfits to the back garden for the children to get into. They then all had a photo in front of the fire engine on the street - there were a few neighbours looking LOL Then I went with the first lot of six children including Ethan for a ride around. I sat in front and the children sat in the back with another Mum. We were out and about for about 20 minutes and we had music and sirens playing, it was great. The next six children then went out with John and my sister, then the next six after that. I went again and so did Ethan as there was a spare space, I sat in the back this time with the children and another Mum went in the front - the Mum's were fighting for that space. Got some better photos this time and some video footage. Ethan was then allow to sit in the drivers seat of the fire engine as a birthday boy treat, he loved it especially as no one else was allowed a go. He was then presented with some toy firemen - Jack and Diego and a certificate.

It was then time to feed the children and do the birthday cake but we only had 30 minutes so it was all a bit of a rush. They all ate well though and Ethan loved his fire engine cake a friend had made, it was such a shame to have to cut it up though. All the children went home then with their fireman hats, birthday cake and a few goodies.

Then it was time for the family party and everyone was arriving half an hour after the children's party finished. We had a great time and was lovely to have everyone round. We still had the bouncy castle so the children that were there could play. Another load of food was served but I had got quite a lot sorted the night before so there wasn't too much to do. The last guests left at 8.30pm and we were all shattered.

Only the one photo as it wouldn't allow me to upload anymore! Will do another post with photos - this one was of Ethan in his birthday outfit.

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