Friday, September 01, 2006


Yesterday me and Ethan had a trip to London to do some visiting. We had a great day but both were and still are very tired!

Firstly we visited Michelle, it was great to see her as we'd only briefly met at Bonanza earlier in the year and chatted online. Ethan had a lovely time playing with some children who lived next door and really didn't want to leave! We then had a lovely lunch at McDonald's, it seems so long since we last ate there.

It was then time to visit my cousin and her daughter who was 1 in August, Ethan was really looking forward to playing with her. She was asleep when we arrived and Ethan couldn't wait till she woke up. He didn't have to wait too long and they had such fun together and Ethan was lovely with her. My cousin has just moved into a new house so it was great to see it and have a look around, they didn't have an easy time with the buying and selling but now have a lovely house. Here is a photo of Ethan taken whilst we were there, such a lovely photo of him, how he's growing up.

On the way back home we went to Katy's for an hour and Ethan was able to play with the girls. They haven't seen each other in a while and played so well together which was lovely. Although I've seen lots of Katy since she moved it was only the second time we had been to the house since she moved so won't leave it so long next time!

Been busy today getting the last couple of school bits for Ethan. We also needed some printer paper and some birthday cards so got those whilst we were out. Liam also came to play today so Ethan was really excited about that, they played really well, although a little loud!

Off to the Hobby Horse crop tonight so hoping to get lots done. Will post the completed layouts over the weekend and also the layout I did last week they I still haven't posted.

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Katy said...

It was good to have you visit ... like you say, don't leave it so long next time!!!! It was great that the kids all played so nicely together. Great pic of Ethan. Enjoy the crop today, I will try and make the next one (I've told Martin I have priority over his golf that day!!)