Monday, September 25, 2006

Happy 5th birthday Ethan

Ethan is 5 today and has been at school. He was a little tearful this morning when I dropped him off at school but I'm not surprised as he's had a busy weekend and is a little tired from it all! There was so much to take into school this morning, lunch bag, reading folder, slips, sweets for his friends, water bottle and some photos from his party to show. This morning he opened presents that we got him and a few from family, he opened the rest this evening. As you can see he got so many presents and A LOT of money. We got him a few little bits - x2 read along CDs, PJs, Cars stencil book, pencil case, crayons and of course a very special birthday party. I just can't believe how much stuff he has got and had to take a photo, he is one lucky boy - can you see all the birthday cards along the bottom of the photo!

We have been to TGI Fridays for tea and had a great time. Ethan told them it was his birthdayas soon as we walked in and he got special treatment. We all had burgers and shared a Popcorn Brownie Sundae for dessert which was lovely. They then bought Ethan a little cake out and sung Happy Birthday to him which he loved.

After that we went to John's Mum and Dad's and he got even more presents. We then came home to open all his other presents which took him a little while. Then more family and friends came round with presents and the lounge floor was covered!

Here are a couple more great photos from Saturday's parties.


Anam said...

fabby photos!

Doha Diary said...

Wow - that sundae looks delicious - lovely photos - sounds like Ethan had a lovely birthday :)

Katy said...

Wow Ethan did get a lot of presents!! Glad you all enjoyed TGI Fridays and that Ethan had a good birthday.

Suzanne said...

some fab party pics there Lisa, I'm always too busy doing to be getting any pics!

That ice-cream looks delicious too!