Thursday, September 07, 2006

So far so good

Ethan seems to be settling into school well and enjoying his time there. I did my new hours at work for the first time yesterday and all went well. I have plenty of time in the morning to walk Ethan to school and walk back to get the car and to drop the car off at home and walk to pick him up so I'm really pleased about that.

After picking Ethan up from school yesterday I noticed his new clarkes shoes were falling apart! It was only the second day he had worn them so it was off into town to get them sorted which is not what I wanted to do after a day at work. They changed them no problem but he had to have a different style which were not as comfortable as the others. Not only that but they cost £4 more and the parking cost £2.50!!!

Whilst we were in town I picked up a couple more pairs of school trousers although I had to ask for them as they don't have them on the shop floor now! We also got his Superman outfit for the dancing show he will be in next month (will post a photo tomorrow), so not a complete waste of journey.

Ethan's party invites went out yesterday too so that is creeping up. We have the fire engine booked and all the children are really excited to be having a ride on a fire engine, just need to book the bouncy castle now.

Today has be a busy day and gone really quickly. I met with Jane and after a coffee we went shopping and I managed to get quite a few things for Ethan's party - drinks, party bag things, some food and some PJ's for his birthday. Also got some clothes for myself, a top for work and one for a christening I'm going to at the weekend which will also be great for going out - just hope they all fit as I didn't have time to try them on.

Here are a couple of photos of the bathroom taken at the weekend, not the best photos as John was in the middle of working on it but it gives you an idea of the progress. The first photo is with the sink and towel radiator fitted, the radiator looks big in this photo but it doesn't IRL. The second is of the ceiling with the new loft hatch fitted (no more drafts!) and the spot lights which I love and it's great to have light's back in the bathroom.

There is only the towel radiator to be plumbed in, walls, ceiling and coving to be painted, floor to tile, door to put on and a couple of finishing touches so not long now.

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Katy said...

Glad Ethan is settling in to school ok. The bathroom looks fab, it'll be so worth it once it's done.