Saturday, October 07, 2006

Goose Fair

This evening we have been to Goose Fairand had a great time. It is an annual fair in Nottingham that has been happening for hundreds of years. It's great fun and I look forward to it every October. I have only missed the fair twice, the first time I was on holiday in America for 3 months and the other time Ethan was about a week old - we still drove round though and got some candy floss, brandy snaps etc.

Ethan has been very excited and looking forward to it for a few weeks, deciding which rides he was going to go on. I can't believe the details he has remembered from our trip their last year. He has remembered rides he went on last year that he wants to go on again and rides that he didn't want to go on last year but he is now brave enough to go on them (his words).

We had lots of food whilst we were there, hot dogs, cheese burgers, mushy peas, donuts, hot chesnuts, candy floss and bought back lots of sweets etc like rum truffles and brandy snaps. It's one of the best bits about going to Goose Fair.

We drove to a nearby park and ride then got the tram from there to Goose fair, it's only a few stops along but it's the only chance Ethan gets to go on the tram as they don't run near us - thankfully! We spent about 3-4 hours walking around and going on the rides etc, think Ethan went on 5 rides altogether. Here are a few of my favorite photos of him:

The first ride he is on is one that shoots up and down and wouldn't go on last year. The second and third photos are of Ethan and me on the fun house, we went on this last year and he wanted to go on it again so he could go on the funny stairs that moved up and down in opposite directions.

These photos are of Ethan and the trampolines attached to bungy cords. He loved this and got the hang of it really quickly, I love the second photo, you can see the outline of him so well.

This photo is of Ethan on a train ride, he was the driver of the train and made lots of noise with the bell.

*The rides or Ethan were moving when all these photos were taken so I'm really pleased at how well they've came out. I managed to put my camera to the test whilst I was there too especially whilst Ethan was on the rides. I'm very pleased with how it performed and I haven't been through the whole of the instruction book yet.


Katy said...

Great pics, Ethan looks like he had a great time. Love his face on the first pic!

Sam said...

"I have only missed the fair twice" - thats quite impressive. 2 out of 700 years aint bad!

Carole Janson said...

Love all your photos of the fair, I hope you don't mind me dropping by I blogged hopped from my good friends blog Jeanne, great blog.

Have a lovely week.
Carole from Downunder.

Joanne Bain said...

I was blog hoppong and come across your those pics of the fair he looks like he was having a great time
Have a great day