Sunday, October 01, 2006

Feeling ill

I've come down with a cold since Friday night and it's really took it out of me, I can't remember the last time I had a really bad cold. Have managed to get some rest today which has helped and I've begun to feel a little better this evening. I don't think I'll be going to work tomorrow though as I have baby clinic and visits to young babies which I wouldn't be able to do with this cold - I just always feel guilty when I'm off work!

It's been quite a busy week with lots of things to do. I had dancing on Tuesday and also Wednesday evening as we needed to practice our riverdance which we learnt earlier in the year for the Butlins competition. Luckily I have pretty much remembered it all so that's one less dance to worry about!

On Thursday morning I helped out at Ethan's school which I am going to try and do most Thursday mornings. Ethan enjoys this and it helps his teacher out with reading, bear words etc. This week though I was working with small groups of children on how to cross the road at a Zebra crossing.

I had an order arrive yesterday from Papermaze with some papers and cardstock to do Ethan's party layouts. I also got some Autumn Leaves Graffiti papers by Rhonna Farrer that I have been looking for, for ages. I got a few sheets in early summer but used them quite quickly and hadn't managed to find any so looking forward to using those.


I had new camera arrive the day before Ethan's party, which I was so relieved at as I really wanted one for then. It's a Fuji F30 which is not what I was originally looking at as I wanted a bigger optical zoom. All the other extra features it had though sold it to me and it was still a small camera which was my main priority. It will make life a lot easier to carry around especially when we go to America and visit New York etc. I also wanted better picture quality in low light and with moving objects which this camera offered and the reviews were great. The other cameras I was looking at that did have the longer zoom either didn't have good reviews or were cameras that were new out so didn't have the reviews. Also what what people have said the Fuji cameras offer one of the best sensors if not the best so I compromised on the zoom in the end. The camera hasn't disappointed and has given excellent photos in both low light and with moving objects, the 3200 ISO is definitely a winner in low light shots. Looking forward to trying it out in America now and shouldn't have to worry too much about recharging the battery either as it has 580 shots per charge - mind you with the amount of photos I take!!!


Katy said...

Enjoy your new stash and your new camera, sounds like you are really pleased with it. Hope you are feeling better very soon. :)

Gillie said...

HOpe the cold shifts soon. I was just wondering this morning (it was a tad nippier than usual) when the first cold of the season was going to descend upon us!

Cath said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Suzanne said...

Oh thanks for your review, I think I need a smaller camera too, especially one which copes with low light (which my Fuji doesn't).

Suzanne said...

oops, thought it was a different post about being poorly so back again to say I really hope that you get better soon.