Friday, October 13, 2006

New car

John finally got his new car, a brand new Volkswagen Passat. He got it on Monday so we all went out for a little drive in the evening to give it a test drive! It's a lovely car but very big, not sure I'm going to be driving it on a regular basis.

It's been another busy week with dancing practice and it's only a week away till the first performance now. I've still got a couple of bits to get but have all the main things for me and Ethan. There is a dress rehearsal on Monday and another rehearsal at the theatre on Thursday so they'll probably be late nights.

Managed to do a layout yesterday, not able to post a photo of it as there are 17 children on there. It is from Ethan's party and I'm hoping to get a few more layouts done this weekend from his party.

Had a friend round for coffee this morning which was lovely, nice to sit and have a chat whilst the children are at school. Then I went into town to get some money changed into America travellers cheques for our holiday. Also got a new bag from Gap to take my hand luggage in (as you can see), I did have a little suitcase but with the new restrictions I think it'll be far too big.

Here, at last, are some photos of the bathroom, it is very nearly done just the last few finishing touches.

Here are a few photos of Ethan busy doing his homework last week. I love the look on his face, he's really concentrating. He is really enjoying his homework and looks forward to doing it. His writing and colouring have really improved since starting school. He also enjoys reading his reading books and doing his bear words which we do most nights.

Another photo of Ethan taken a few weeks ago fast asleep in bed with his rabbit- doesn't he look peaceful.


Katy said...

Glad John finally got his car! Cute pics of Ethan and the new bag is lovely. :)

Anonymous said...

It is always so lovely when you get a new car, I hope you are enjoying it. Coffee with friends I so love doing that, I honestly don't do it enough. Love your bathroom, really looks lovely, I bet you are so pleased to have it finished. Your little boy is such a cutie.

Suzanne said...

oh bless, look at him asleep, what an angel!

Hope the show went well Lisa, was lovely to see you again at crop, you did some fabby pages there.